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The Application Programming Certificate provides the foundation for an entry-level programmer to gain access to the information processing field. Students will be able to code in two high-level languages found in the business environment.  Students will be able to develop Windows applications using object-based visual tools.

Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in all of the courses offered within the Business/Public Services and Information Systems Technology departments for the grade to be counted toward graduation.  Specifically, these include courses with the following prefixes: ACC, AOT, BAF, BUS, CPT, EGR, IST, LEG, MGT and MKT.


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"All the professors there impressed me and gave me some wonderful guidance."

Joe Johnson

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"Since Midlands Technical College is organized for students of all types, they have enabled me to earn my computer programming degree at the pace that meets my needs."

Brantley B.

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