Cardiac Care Technician


About the Program

The Cardiac Care Technician certificate will provide a foundation in health care careers, communication, soft skills, computers, and anatomy and physiology. Students will develop the basic skills necessary to monitor patients for any type of cardiac involvement in a health care setting. The student will be able to interpret basic ECGs and recognize cardiac dysrhythmias. Instructional methods will be varied including classroom, lab, online/hybrid, simulation/virtual reality, and clinical rotations.

The Cardiac Care Technician certificate can be combined with the Nursing Assistant Certificate and the Phlebotomy Certificate to earn stackable, short-term, entry- level certificates in the health care arena.

Upon completion of this certificate, the student will be eligible to take a nationally recognized certification exam. Employment opportunities in South Carolina include positions in hospitals, medical and diagnostic laboratories, and doctors’ offices.

Special Requirements

Students must receive a grade of “C” or better on all Cardiac Care Technician certificate courses. Students must pass a final comprehensive exit examination to graduate from the program. Students may not repeat certificate courses more than once, nor may they progress to the next semester until that course is passed. Students may repeat only two Cardiac Care Technician certificate courses. Students are required to purchase uniform, name tag, and other supplies needed for lab/clinical.

Students will rotate through hospitals, medical and diagnostic laboratories and clinics in the MTC service area for practical experience in ECG and cardiac monitoring. Students will be required to comply with regulations required by off-campus clinical sites, which might include finger printing, background checks and drug screenings.

In addition to the college’s placement test and the specific admissions requirements for the Health Sciences department, specific interview eligibility criteria for the Cardiac Care Technician Certificate program include:

Acceptable Eligibility Criteria

Placement Test Scores: Must meet each criteria

    • ACCUPLACER COMPANION (valid through 9/4/2021) 76
    • ACCUPLACER COMPANION (Valid through 9/4/2021) 61
    • OR Completion of MAT 032

Admission Criteria

  1. Attendance at a program Information Session (optional)
  2. Attendance at a program Orientation Session (mandatory)
  3. Submission of an Acknowledgement of Intent request
  4. Acceptable Criminal Background Check and drug screening results
  5. Satisfactory compliance with required medical physical and immunization requirements
  6. Current certification in First-Aid and CPR (American Heart for the Health Care Professional)


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"I had no idea the program I helped start would evolve into all of this, and it all began at MTC."

Tammi Byrd

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