About the Program

Networking is the common factor in distributed processing, online systems, teleprocessing, terminal based systems and real-time systems. The Network Systems Management curriculum is designed to prepare students to successfully pass several major industry certification exams while completing the degree. The curriculum emphasizes hands-on experiences and is constantly tuned to be as “cutting edge” as possible.

NSM students must complete core courses, three approved networking elective courses, and the required general education courses.

Students must earn a cumulative grade of “C” or better within all courses offered in the Information Systems Technology Department to be eligible for graduation.

Learning experiences for students in the Network Systems Management program are provided on the Beltline Campus.


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Success Story

"By the time I finished my internship, I had three job offers."

Ashlee Hayes

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"MTC was convenient, affordable, and was in touch with what local companies were looking for in an employee."

Ashton June

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