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Dr. Bill Mulkey

Radiologic Technology program director
MTC faculty member since 1972

"I am proud to be part of Midlands Technical College. Talk about a college that makes a difference!

In 1972, I helped create a two-year associate degree in science that taught radiography at MTC. Our program combined clinical training and coursework with college credits.

After developing the radiography program, we kept expanding. In 1980, we started a nuclear medicine program, and we were the only program in South Carolina for a number of years. A sonography program followed in 1993. All are still in existence and still helping students.

Since 1972, we have had 100 percent job placement in our radiography program. That means for more than 40 years, every student who finished the program found a job. Doctors and hospitals call us asking when we are graduating another class! They want our students to work for them. That says a lot about the quality of the program, our MTC students and faculty. 

The thing that makes MTC so effective in job placement is the advisory committees we have. Administrators from the real world meet once or twice a year to advise us and tell us what they want in a graduate. Every program at MTC has these advisory groups. We discuss what our advisors need and it helps us shape our curriculum. That’s why we have 100 percent placement in our radiography program – because we listen.

MTC gives people a chance to prove themselves. I have graduates who go on to earn doctoral degrees from specialty programs.


"It's amazing to see how this college changes lives."

It’s wonderful being a part of the progression of students and their success."

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