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Earn real experience and a paycheck before graduating from high school.

The Midlands Youth Apprenticeship Program, a partnership between the Columbia Chamber, MTC, Apprenticeship Carolina, and participating Midlands school districts and employers, is a career-education pathway that helps build a viable, local workforce for high-demand, hard-to-fill positions. It provides high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to get paid to learn as youth apprentices. Youth apprentices receive paid on-the-job training along with job-related education at MTC. The MYA Program also provides businesses and organizations the unique chance to meet qualified high-school students from a variety of fields and backgrounds who are already achieving at a high-level.

Prospective Students FAQ

Who can apply to the Midlands Youth Apprenticeship Program? SHOW

All applicants must:

  • Be at least be a high school junior
  • Be approved by their high school to participate
  • Be legally able to work in the United States
  • Complete ACCUPLACER test and achieve minimum scores for the program they are seeking
  • Complete Apprenticeship Application Package

What is the objective of the Midlands Youth Apprenticeship Program? SHOW

The objective of the Midlands Youth Apprenticeship (MYA) program is to connect local high school students with companies interested in creating their next-generation workforce by starting USDOL Registered Apprenticeship Programs.

How does the Midlands Youth Apprenticeship Program connect aspiring apprentices with opportunities?  Show

  1. Aspiring apprentices notify their high school of their interest.
  2. Aspiring apprentices complete the MYA application and submit to MTC’s admissions office.
  3. School districts review and forward applications to MTC's admissions office. 
  4. Companies notify MTC Business Solutions office when new apprenticeship opportunities become available.
  5. MTC advertises opportunities to aspiring apprentices.
  6. MTC Business Solutions office forwards apprenticeships application and resumes to employer.
  7. Employer contacts applicants, conducts interviews; and if an offer of employment is made, student begins employment and MTC classes.
  8. Student graduates with MTC certificate and USDOL Journeyman credential.

What areas are apprenticeship opportunities available in? Show

Currently, there are two pathways available in the MYA Program: 

  • CNA/Nursing Pathway 
  • Pharmacy Technician 

Admissions criteria vary for each Midlands Youth Apprenticeship Program track. Please review the entrance criteria and program descriptions/requirements found in this document.

    Prospective Businesses and Partners (MYA Program)

    With the Baby Boomer population on the verge of retiring, apprenticeships offer companies the opportunity to provide a roadmap to individuals seeking direction, mentoring and the opportunity to be paid to learn a skill that allows them to assist companies in filling critically needed occupations. The internships and other opportunities offered to students through the Midlands Youth Apprenticeship Program can lead to early access and training for future employment.


    What are the benefits of partnering with the MYA Program? SHOW

    As the employing organization with the MYA Program, your benefits include:

    • Access to aspiring apprentices
    • Recruit and screen potential employees
    • Free consultative services
    • Workers compensation coverage of apprentice provided by local school districts the apprentice attends
    • $1,000 tax credits for each apprentice for up to four years
    • Retention tool for competitive positions
    • Recruiting tool for hard-to-fill positions

    What are the responsibilities of employer partners who participate in the MYA Program? SHOW

    As the employing organization, your responsibilities include:

    • Register the company apprenticeship, through Apprenticeship Carolina, with the United States Department of Labor (USDOL)
    • Grant equal treatment and training opportunities for all aspiring apprentices
    • Have equipment available and rotate apprentices in the various processes of the skilled occupation
    • Identify a mentor for apprentice(s)
    • Interview and hire aspiring apprentices to train in company apprenticeship program
    • Oversee apprentice’s on-the-job training and monitor attendance at related training classes
    • Periodically review and evaluate apprentices
    • Pay apprentices a scalable wage
    • Recommend Award of Completion certificate when an apprentice has satisfactorily completed the required coursework and on-the-job training

    What apprenticeship opportunities can be recruited as a part of the MYA Program?  Show

    Current Apprenticeship Programs

    • CNA/Nursing Pathway
    • Pharmacy Technician
    • Accounting
    • IT Networking
    • IT App Programming
    • Mechatronics/Industrial Mechanic

    Additionally, MTC’s Business Solutions office can assist companies with developing any type of apprenticeship and recruit individuals interested in participating.

    How can organizations get involved? Show

    Contact us. Midlands Technical College Business Solutions
    Phone: 803.691.3907
    Email: corporatetraining@midlandstech.edu


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