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Whether you're already an MTC student or you just want to stay focused over the summer, our summer courses are a great way to catch up, get ahead on your degree plan, or complete a prerequisite. 

Who can take summer courses?

Any college student can enroll in online summer courses at MTC. Registration and orientation will look a little different depending on what type of student you are. 

  • First-time students - Complete online orientation before you meet with an Academic and Career Advisor!
  • Current students - Book an appointment with your advisor and get ahead on the path to graduation. Or, if you already have the permissions, go ahead and register now.
  • Students from other colleges - Each year, many students from other institutions enroll in online summer courses at MTC to stay on track or get ahead. If you have not attended MTC in the past three semesters, you need to apply to the college. Then, you'll work one-on-one with our admissions team to get enrolled as a transient student. 

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Summer Semester FAQs

How many credits can I earn through a course during the summer semester?

Students can earn three or four credits through summer courses (in person or online!) depending on which class they choose. Each student should choose their course load depending upon their time availability and graduation goal time.

How do I transfer my credits to a different institution?

MTC has 80+ transferable courses that are guaranteed to transfer to other colleges and universities offered at MTC.

Do I need to be a resident of the Midlands to enroll?

Students are not required to live in the Midlands to enroll in online summer courses at MTC. If you have questions, click here to review our admissions requirements or contact the admissions office at admissions@midlandstech.edu or 803.822.6714.

What is the time commitment for summer courses?

Time commitment and course load are specific to each student's individual schedule. MTC advisors and admissions staff will be available throughout the enrollment process to help each student choose the workload that fits their schedule.

Do you offer financial aid for the summer semester?

All eligible students will have the opportunity to receive financial aid for online summer courses.

Students visiting from another college should check with their home institution for financial aid assistance information concerning attending another college or university.

MTC students should contact student financial services regarding their unique financial aid package.  

MTC Student Financial Services:
Phone: 803.738.7792
Toll-free: 800.922.8038

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Academic programs count as academic credit for a certificate, diploma or degree and may transfer toward future academic endeavors at four-year colleges and universities.
Training programs can be completed in a matter of weeks or months, are focused on career training, and provide credentials and certificates needed in the specific fields of study. Coursework does not transfer.
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