Midlands Technical College and the University of South Carolina have established the Bridge Program to provide a streamlined transfer process for MTC-USC Bridge students. The University of South Carolina has expanded its student-oriented programs and services to MTC for students interested in enrolling at the Columbia campus.

At MTC, USC Bridge students will be able to receive information on admissions, financial aid and scholarships, and academic support programs at USC. USC Bridge students, like all MTC students can participate in musical ensembles at the University, including the University (concert) Bands, however, cannot audition for nor participate in the USC Marching Band, the color guard, nor coquettes.

Registering for the Bridge Program: High School students who apply to the University and are eligible for the Bridge Program will receive information from Undergraduate Admission in early summer. Students who do not apply to the University as incoming freshman should meet with a University admissions counselor or with the Bridge Program representatives at their technical colleges to determine their eligibility for the program. If the student is eligible, then complete the Bridge Enrollment Form (available in the forms section) and send it to the USC Bridge Coordinator. The Enrollment Form is not your official admissions application but serves to enroll you in the Bridge Program only. The deadline to submit the enrollment form for spring transfers is September 1 and for fall transfers is February 1.

MTC-USC Bridge students will be eligible for enrollment at the University of South Carolina through the Bridge program after completing 30 hours, or by completing an associate degree with 60 hours. The links below provide additional information.

Have Questions?

Contact MTC's Bridge Program Coordinator

Permelia Luongo
Beltline Campus, Wade Martin Building, Room 250