MTC to Newberry College

While at Midlands Technical College, students can earn credits toward their associate degree while receiving guidance in transfer admissions, financial aid and scholarship opportunities from Newberry College representatives. Transfer consideration to Newberry College generally requires at least 24 semester hours of transferable work for traditional students and at least 60 semester hours of transferable work for students wishing to enter the fastFORWARD programs in Organizational Management or Early Childhood Education. Individual fastFORWARD students may have lesser requirements. While it is anticipated that students will spend at least a full year at Midlands Technical College, students meeting Newberry College’s freshmen admissions requirements may transfer after one semester. Both Newberry College and Midlands Technical College will promote associate degree attainment to interested students by encouraging students to either complete their associate degree at MTC or by transferring credits back to MTC from Newberry.

Newberry College’s generous financial aid includes merit-based institutional scholarships, especially for transfer students.

Traditional Transfer Students

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Permelia Luongo
Beltline Campus, Wade Martin Building, Room 250