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Feb 25, 2019

International Biotechnology Company Expands U.S. Operations to Midlands Technical College

Monday, February 25, 2019 

The Midlands Technical College (MTC) Enterprise Campus will be the newest center of operations for the French-based company Bluestar of Monaco. Bluestar is one of the world’s most trusted forensic technology producers for the criminal investigation community. Its products have been instrumental in solving high-profile criminal cases across the globe, providing key training materials to law enforcement internationally, and have been featured on the television drama CSI.

“Bluestar’s work in forensic science is well known in Europe,” said MTC President Ronald L. Rhames. “I welcome them to MTC, where together we can bring Bluestar crime-scene technology to a new generation of forensic scientists in America. Bluestar can provide internship opportunities for many MTC students who may be interested in a career in crime-scene investigation.”

Bluestar will set up operations at the Business Accelerator on MTC’s Enterprise Campus. The CEO of Bluestar’s operations in the United States, Alicia Conners, said she sees Bluestar’s expansion at MTC as an important partnership.

“The MTC Enterprise Campus is perfect for Bluestar to expand its business model to the U.S.,” said Conners. “Our partnership with the MTC Enterprise Campus will provide new space for bringing the best technology to the next generation of forensic scientists.”

The MTC-Bluestar relationship grew from the Enterprise Campus’ recent collaboration with Fred Monk in the S.C. Department of Commerce to target foreign investment. The Commerce Department’s Landing Pad program helps established companies worldwide to enter South Carolina markets.

“The Business Accelerator’s next-stage space development concept fits perfectly with the Landing Pad program created by the S.C. Department of Commerce,” explained Chuck Whipple, Executive Director of the MTC Enterprise Campus. “The program makes it easier for companies settling in South Carolina to tackle the complex issues associated with establishing a business abroad.”

The MTC Business Accelerator on the Enterprise Campus accommodates emerging businesses, industries, or technologies that have left the research and incubation stage and are ready for the next stage of development. The 25,000-square-foot facility’s flexible, multi-bay design allows adaptation to the needs of its private-partner business tenants.

Whipple said he hopes to attract more small-to-medium-sized companies in the areas of aerospace, automotive, information technology, and healthcare.

“Bluestar’s desire to locate here was based on the Business Accelerator’s low-cost, one-stop approach to its landing space concept,” said Whipple. “It’s a formula that is perfect for companies like Bluestar to plant their feet and start operations almost immediately. I look forward to welcoming the next company that is ready to start a relationship with academia and industry.”


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