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Midlands Technical College Wins International Corporate and Continuing Education Award

Feb 29, 2024

Group photo of award recipients

The Corporate and Continuing Education (CCE) division of Midlands Technical College (MTC) won the international award in lifelong learning for Best Management by the Learning Resources Network (LERN), the largest association of lifelong learning in the world.  

“The award is for innovation in the field of lifelong learning and serving communities,” said LERN President William A. Draves. “These awards enhance the quality and involvement in lifelong learning, a critical component to individual and community quality of life and prosperity in this century.” 

Draves went on to add when presenting the award to CCE’s Executive Director of Operations, Kate Shelton, that, “Midlands Technical College did a great job of leveraging Trello and Formstack software to keep staff organized and on track, which increased productivity. This allows staff to spend more time serving their customers.”  

With over 800 professionals from five countries in attendance at this year’s conference, Midlands Technical College was one of the twenty colleges across the world given an award that focuses on lifelong learning.

“We couldn’t have won this award without the work of every team member in CCE,” said Vice Provost of Corporate and Continuing Education Amy Scully. “Our goal is to ensure we are meeting the needs of our students, businesses, customers, and apprentices, and anyone who wants to enhance their skillset. Our Operations team under the leadership of Kate Shelton has helped our division increase productivity which has led to an increase in enrollment.”