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Fire Department Meets Training Needs Through Customized Apprenticeships

Nov 11, 2021

The emergency services industry has seen a huge number of changes over the last decade. One of those changes is the increased number of medical emergencies being handled by fire services, resulting in interesting new dynamics for employee training and development programs.

Lexington County Fire Service (LCFS) was not immune to this changing dynamic nor the funding and administrative challenges it created. With the need for more emergency medical technicians than ever, LCFS Assistant Chief Nathan Prouse was tasked with building a plan to develop existing firefighters into trained, certified EMT Basics.

Prouse sought a solution through customized apprenticeships.

Prouse’s first step was working with Apprenticeship Carolina to develop an apprenticeship plan that included the MTC EMT Basic coursework. Then, he worked with the MTC Business Solutions team to provide the EMT course on a flexible schedule to accommodate working firefighters’ needs. MTC’s Business Solutions team also assisted LCFS with securing grant funding to offset the cost of the training courses.

By building a clearly defined training plan, gaining access to grant dollars, and working with MTC to deliver the training in a flexible format, LCFS has been able to expand the number of EMTs they employ significantly.

According to Prouse, “The Lexington County Fire Service has found the apprenticeship program to be incredibly beneficial to our agency and to the citizens we serve. Prior to 2019, our department carried a heavy load working through processes for funding our medical training program in order to meet the ever-growing demands. Since coming on board with the apprenticeship program, everything has been fast-tracked, and we have been able to better focus on developing our firefighters.”

“MTC strives to help our employer partners build a better workforce,” said Rebecca Taylor, MTC Business Solutions Executive Director. “In this case, the workforce we helped build is made up of the personnel who will be there for us when we need help the most. We couldn’t be prouder to be a part of their development plan.”

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