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Women Make an Impact at MTC

Mar 08, 2022

They are mothers, daughters, leaders, and dreamers. They inspire each other, empower our students, and reimagine our future.

At MTC, we are proud to spotlight the formidable females who work tirelessly on behalf of our students, our communities, and our families. Our student body is comprised of 60% females, and our employees represent our female students in the classroom and in the services sectors, as women make up 63% of our professors and staff.

They nurture our students during their pursuits of excellence. They foster an educational and social environment that enables women in all their diversity and richness gain a greater voice and excel in their personal and professional endeavors. On this International Women’s Day, we salute the Women of Impact at MTC. Here are just a few of them.


  • Margaret Holmes, Past Chair
  • Sandra Jackson, Vice Chair
  • Katie Bolden
  • Diane Sumpter
  • Pamela Harrison
  • Paula Hite

Foundation Board of Trustees

  • Carolyn Ewing-Turner
  • Kristi Eidson
  • Lasenta Lewis-Ellis

Executive Council and President’s Staff

  • Mary Holloway – Vice President for Student Development Services
  • Starnell Bates – Vice President for Institutional Support
  • Barrie Kirk – Provost
  • Debbie Walker – Vice President Business Affairs
  • Stefanie Goebeler – Assistant Vice President for Marketing Communications
  • Nancy McKinney – Associate Vice President for Philanthropy


  • Candace Doyle – School of Health Care
  • Rhonda Grego – School of English and Humanities
  • Donna Zeek – School of Interdisciplinary Studies

College Leadership

  • Emily Burns – Assistant Vice President for Counseling and Career Services
  • Diane Carr – Associate Vice Provost
  • Sylvia Littlejohn – Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management Services
  • Amy Scully – Associate Vice Provost
  • Sheila Smith – Associate Vice President for Business Affairs