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“Bad Day for a Drug Deal” – Mock Crime Scene

Feb 14, 2022

Crime Scene tape

MTC students and journalists were on hand for “Bad Day for a Drug Deal” a mock crime scene on the Airport Campus on Wednesday, February 9, 2022.

The hands-on learning experience allowed participants to "step behind the yellow tape." Students acted as detectives, viewing and analyzing marked evidence, in order to complete course work, like writing a synopsis of their investigative findings.

During the on-campus event, Dwayne Lee, Criminal Justice Program Director, and attorney Debra C. Galloway, Paralegal Studies Program Director, spoke with local journalists from WLTX News 19, WIS News 10, and WACH Fox 57.

“They are walking through looking at the evidence and determining how is this evidence useful now? How could it be useful later? And then, after they have had a chance to absorb everything, they’ll use a little inductive reasoning to try to determine what happened,” said Lee.

Attorney Galloway added that events like the mock crime scene bring learning to life.

“They are enamored at the fact that it is not exactly like what you see on TV. So, being able to walk through the process and see how it realistically unfolds is valuable to the students,“ said Galloway.

Following the mock crime scene activity, Galloway led a virtual session for paralegal studies students entitled “Legal Defense Strategy Meeting” where students learned about the evidence collected from the scene and how attorneys might use it during a trial.

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