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Search the Spring 2017 ONLINE training Guide

Search the Spring 2017 Training Guide

Training represents MTC’s continuing education and personal enrichment programs.

Use the menu on the left to see all the Training courses available at MTC. If you're looking for just online, classroom or a blended learning experience, use the icons above the menu to drill down your search.

Is Training right for you? 

Training, also known as Corporate and Continuing Education (CCE), classes are attractive to students looking for a quick, intense approach into new careers. MTC Training offers classes, resources and nationally-recognized career certifications that can be completed faster than an academic credit program. These courses are not for credit, and in many instances, there are no placement tests, no transcripts required, and no need to apply to the college. Register now

View weekly room schedules, professional testing center information, how to order a transcript, frequently used forms and register for a course.

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What is a certificate/certification?

Certificates are awarded after you’ve taken a specific course or group of courses. Certifications are typically awarded by a third-party, standard-setting organization, and often require an external exam. Certificates and certifications look great on a resume and can make it easier to land a job.
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What are QuickJobs?

QuickJobs are training programs for careers that are projected to need many more workers than are available in South Carolina over the next few years. Most QuickJobs programs can be completed in less than a year—many in just a few months or even weeks! See All QuickJobs.

Want to take a class just for fun?

Check out our Personal Enrichment section.

Looking for custom training?

Check out our Corporate Training section.

Want to talk to someone about training programs? 

Live chat with our Corporate and Continuing Education Department (CCE) by clicking the blue icon at the bottom right of this page. 

You can also contact our CCE Department at 803.732.0432 or

How do I order a training/continuing education transcript?

MTC now provides easy, convenient online transcript requests through the National Student Clearinghouse. Each transcript costs $7.25.

Order a Continuing Education Transcript 


MTC's Coursepower certificate programs were created to give students a technology background.

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QuickJobs are training programs for careers where workers will be in high demand over the next decade.

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VA Approved

MTC is one of the largest providers of veterans’ educational benefits to service members and their families in the state...

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