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What tests do I need to take?

MTC uses placement test scores to help determine which classes you need to start with.

All students must take the college's placement test unless exempt.

The Writing Placement Test is required of new students before they are admitted. MTC’s Writing Placement Test is an in-house test that bases student placement in development or college-level writing courses on actual student writing.

Depending on your major, you may also need to take the Foreign Language Placement Test or a Keyboarding Assessment. See your academic program page for more information about which tests you'll need to take.

WorkKeys assessments give students and workers reliable information about their workplace skill levels so you can make better career and educational decisions. 

Health science students may have additional testing requirements.

Visit Advanced Standing for more information about placing out of classes.

Want MTC to send your placement test scores to another institution?

Use the Course Placement Calculator to determine course placement based upon Placement, French, Spanish or typing test scores.

AOT - Keyboarding

Some majors at MTC require students to take a basic keyboarding class. Students who already have basic keyboarding skills may be able to exempt the basic class by taking the AOT - Keyboarding exam.

Test Schedule


Every prospective student is required to take the college's placement test unless you exempt testing for one of the following reasons.

  • You have acceptable Midlands Technical College Placement Test, AP, or CLEP test scores. You must have taken these tests within three years prior to the date of course enrollment. Programs of study have minimum scores that are required for entry.
  • You are applying for a certificate program, which does not require Midlands Technical College Placement scores. (Some certificate programs do require Midlands Technical College Placement scores.)
  • You are a transfer student with a grade of “C” or better in college-level English and mathematics courses from a regionally accredited institution.
  • You have earned a two-year degree or higher from a regionally accredited college or university. This exemption may not be applicable to specific academic programs.
  • You are applying to take a course in “Career Development Status” which does not require a pre-requisite. You may not enroll in English and mathematics courses with English and mathematics prerequisites without meeting the required prerequisites.

Placement Test FAQs
Test Schedule

Foreign Language Placement Assessment

Students who fall into one of the three categories below MUST take the FLPT.  All other students may be waived into SPA 101, FRE 101, or GER 101 by an advisor.

  1. Non-Transfer Students
    Students must take the FLPT if they have studied the language for two or more years in high school within the last five years.
  2. Transfer Students
    Students who have transferred to Midlands Technical College with 3.0 credit hours in the language must take the FLPT. See #1 if students plan to take a different foreign language course.
  3. Native Speakers
    Students may not enroll in a language which is their native language. Only non-native speakers are eligible to enroll in foreign language courses at Midlands Technical College.

The level indicated by the test result is mandatory. The test may not be retaken within three years.

Test Schedule

Foreign Language Exam Logistics

  • It will take approximately one hour to complete the examination.
  • The exam takes 3-4 business days to be scored. The score will posted in the student’s MyMTC account under, Academic Profile-Test Score Summary.
  • **NOTE** The student is qualified to study at a higher level than is now offered at MTC. The student should contact the senior college to which you plan to transfer to enroll in the proper foreign language course.


If the French Score Is  The Student Should Enroll In If the German Score Is The Student Should Enroll In If the Spanish Score Is The Student Should Enroll In
0-20 FRE 101 0-20 GER 101 0-24 SPA 101
21-29 FRE 102 21-32 GER 102 25-39 SPA 102
30-44 FRE 122 33-41 GER 122 40-52 SPA 122
45-60 **See Note 42-60 **See Note 53-70 **See Note


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