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Message from the President

Ronald L. Rhames

Midlands Technical College is celebrating Black History Month by honoring a pivotal part of African-American history that reflects on the progress made for all South Carolina students who seek higher education. From 1911-1958, Harbison Institute – located on the present site of the MTC Harbison Campus – provided educational opportunities for African-American students during a time when options were limited. Graduates of Harbison Institute went on to become distinguished lawyers, teachers, and civic leaders who greatly advanced the vitality and cultural heritage of South Carolina. This year, MTC pioneered the S.C. General Assembly resolution declaring February 22, 2017, as Harbison History Day in South Carolina. The resolution honors the long tradition of multicultural, open-door access to higher education offered on the present site of the MTC Harbison Campus. We look forward to honoring that tradition for many years to come.

Real Accomplishment: MTC celebrates growing the college, making lives better, and leveraging goodwill

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At Midlands Technical College, the last academic year revealed our passion for providing higher education with real value to students; preparation for four-year and advanced degrees; and hands-on, first-class skills training to fill the in-demand jobs all at a great value for students, parents, and tax payers. Just as we are proud of what we’ve accomplished over the past year, we are dedicated to providing innovative, educational leadership for years to come.It is an honor to present the inaugural President’s Report.

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Real History: S.C. General Assembly declares special day in honor of Black History Month

Former Harbison Institute student Zaidee Morris rings the bell at what is now the MTC Harbison campus.

The South Carolina General Assembly has passed a resolution declaring February 22, 2017, as Harbison History Day in South Carolina in support of Black History Month. More than 120 legislators sponsored the resolution that honors the long tradition of multicultural education offered on the site of the Midlands Technical College Harbison Campus.

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Success Story

Bob Adams, Assistant Vice President of TCube Solutions

“If you have a training need, go talk to your business partner at MTC.”

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Success Story

Vicki Givens, Data Analyst, Palmetto GBA, LLC

"With my education from MTC, I am literally going anywhere in a career I love."

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Success Story

CEO and Clinical Director of Health Promotion Specialists Tammi Byrd

I had no idea the program I helped start would evolve into all of this, and it all began at MTC.

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Success Story

Dr. Pete Sercer, Commissioner Emeritus

"It has been an honor and privilege to be a small part of the lives of so many students."

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Success Story

Robert P. Wilkins, Jr., Lexington County, Commission Chair

"Every day, MTC strives to provide the right kind of education for each person."

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Distinguished Alumni - 2016

Asst. Solicitor Joseph Shenkar

"There is no better opportunity for students than to start at MTC."

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On the Road with Myles

It’s tradition to park Myles at our Harbison Campus for all of the Harbison Theatre shows. Haven’t seen it yet? Purchase tickets to the next show!

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