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Tuition and Fees

This page contains information for Academic students.

If you are a Training student, the price of the individual course is listed on the course page itself, and you can find information about refunds here.

Tuition by Credit Hour

Tuition is based upon the student's legal residency, and tuition by credit hour represents the "Over 12 Credit Hour Fee." 

If an applicant or student wishes to petition to change his/her South Carolina Residency status, he may complete and submit an Application for Reclassification of Residency. Remember: Lottery Tuition Assistance is available to all in-state students, regardless of need.

In Richland, Lexington & Fairfield Counties $153 per credit hour
Out of County $191 per credit hour
Out of State $459 per credit hour
International $459 per credit hour


Health sciences students may have additional fees for equipment and supplies.

Application Fee $35
Enrollment Fee $50
Student Fee $108
General Course Fee per credit hour $23
Tech Course Fee per credit hour $10
Late Registration Fee $150

How to Pay

Online   Pay online through your MyMTC account. A student ID and password are required.
In Person  

Airport Campus - Reed Hall Room 114
Batesburg-Leesville Campus - Room 105 (limited hours)
Beltline Campus - Student Center Room 126
Fairfield - Room 103 (limited hours)
Harbison Campus - Harbison Hall Room 105
Northeast Campus - Room 160

By Phone   Call (803) 732-5200 and select option 1

Methods of Payment

Tuition and fees may be paid with cash, in-state checks, or money order.  Payments may be made online with electronic check, VISA, American Express, MasterCard or Discover or by calling 803.732.5200.  A 2.5% service fee will be applied to all card transactions used to pay tuition and fees. All transactions are processed as a credit card transaction.

Payment Plans

Nelnet allows you to make automatic monthly payments toward the cost of a course instead of paying it as a lump sum. Learn more

Refund Period

Tuition refunds are initiated when a student officially withdraws from a class by submitting the Drop/Add/Withdrawal Form to the Student Records OfficeFees are non-refundable.

Refunds may take 3-4 weeks to process. The amount of your refund depends on when you submit your form. 

Refunds for terms that vary in length from the semester term will be in proportion to the semester-term refund schedule.  This includes Summer, Session II, Fort Jackson, Fast Track, 10-Week and Weekend courses.



  Full Term - SU Session 1 - SU1 Session 2 - SU2 Fort Jackson - SU3
100% 5/22/15 5/21/15 6/30/15 5/21/15
50% 5/28/15 5/22/15 7/1/15 5/26/15
25% 6/2/15 5/26/15 7/6/15 5/28/15
  Weekend - SUW 7 Week - SU8 Fast Track - SU6  
100% 5/25/15 6/16/15 7/7/15  
50% 5/29/15 6/19/15 7/8/15  
25% 6/1/15 6/23/15 7/10/15  
Note: Day 1 is the first INSTRUCTIONAL day of class.  
If you submit your form on: You’ll receive a:
Day 1-5 (Instructional Days) 100% refund
Day 6-10 (Instructional Days) 50% refund
Day 11-15 (Instructional Days) 25% refund
After Day 15 (Instructional Days) 0% refund
Summer 2015 registration information
Registration for Continuing Students Begins March 16th, 2015
Registration for New Students to the College Begins March 18th, 2015
Fee Payment Begins March 16th, 2015
Fee Payment Ends May 8th, 2015 at 1:30PM
Late Registration is May 13th, 2015
For other term due dates, see Tuition Due Dates

Please be aware that books and/or supplies are NOT included in the above rates

Visit for online book purchasing