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Job boards give the candidate easy access to unlimited numbers of career opportunities. For your convenience, this site showcases local, state, national, and even global search engines. These include government agencies, private business/industry sites, non-profit organizations, staffing agencies, and so much more. The possibilities are unlimited! Check out these valuable resources.

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In today's global market, we have access to dynamic and viable career opportunities around the world. Numerous electronic job boards have been added to expand your career or job search. With the sheer number and variety of "boards" accessible today, the search process is made much easier.

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The economy is changing and the market place is competitive. Employers desire candidates that are both, highly skilled and possess “soft skills”. Matching the skills to the job is the key. The job search has become much easier with access to the numerous resources available. The South Carolina job boards listed below will be an asset to your search. There are all kinds of opportunities including city, county and state jobs. Search by type of job or location. The resources are expansive.

General Sites

State/Local Government Sites

Staffing Agency Websites

Staffing agencies may hire for part-time, full-time, seasonal, or permanent positions, however, they recruit for other companies or organizations. Working with these agencies can be a good way for students to explore a variety of jobs and opportunities while in college, as well as, after graduation. They gain access to all types of business and industry and have the opportunity to work in environments they may have never considered. In addition, working for a staffing agency can help the candidate gain experience and skills while maintaining a flexible work schedule.

For your convenience, numerous staffing sites are listed below. Student Employment Services cannot insure the quality of the third party recruiter, the contracting employer or the job opportunity. Students and alumni are advised to use wisdom in pursuing these opportunities. Specifically, we advise that you:

1. Ask questions about the fee structure for job referrals. (If applicable.) SES recommends that students never pay a fee to secure a job with a third party recruiter.

2. Read carefully any contract you are requested to sign. If you are unsure about the contract, seek legal advice.

3. Ask to be referred only to the job advertised. Insist that the agency not release your name to any company/agency without your prior permission.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions about the employment practices of the third party agency or the primary employer, please advise Student Employment Services at once!

Student Employment Services (SES) at Midlands Technical College (MTC) and all employers they represent are expected to abide by the Principles for Ethical Professional Practice published by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

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