School Counselors

2016 School Counselor Breakfast

Join us for this informative breakfast at the Airport Campus. Our goal is to make MTC a first college choice! So whenever someone thinks about educational opportunities, MTC comes to mind as a top contender. Come see for yourself what all the excitement is about, and learn more about what MTC has to offer your students! Click here to register.

Counselors, we have a downloadable guidebook just for you!
2014-2015 School Counselor Viewbook

Training programs for students who don’t plan to pursue a degree

65 % of tomorrow’s careers require an education beyond high school, but less than a 4-year degree.

The jobs available for middle-skilled employees are outpacing the number of qualified workers, while high-skilled and low-skilled workers have too many workers and not enough available jobs. That means middle-skilled workers are and will be in high demand in South Carolina over the next ten years, and graduates with some career training will have an easier time finding a job.

Jobs Gap
Certifications & Certificates

Transfer programs for students who want to attend a 4-year college

Starting a degree at MTC can save thousands.

Students who complete their first two years here and then transfer can graduate with thousands less in student debt. And MTC transfer students actually perform better academically at 4 year schools than the students who started there. We have transfer programs and articulation agreements with most South Carolina colleges.

Bridge & Transfer
Financial Aid & Tuition
Admissions Requirements

Academic programs for students who want a 2-year degree

Associate degree programs get students into the workplace faster.

Our associate degree programs are perfect for students who want to earn an advanced degree, but don't want to wait four years to start pursuing their careers.

Financial Aid & Tuition
Admissions Requirements

Programs for high school students

Senior Day

Senior Day at MTC is a great way to get started on the Midlands Technical College admissions process. You will have a chance to speak with current students and a personal admissions advisor to learn more about MTC, and all attendees can apply to the college with their application fee waived! Lunch will be provided.

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Decision Day

Have you applied to MTC but haven't done your placement testing yet? Complete the final step by taking the placement test, and receive your MTC admission decision that day!

Decision Day will be from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. in the Student Assessment Center in the Academic Center at the Airport Campus on the following date:

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Fast Fact

MTC is the largest source of transfer students to Columbia College and the University of South Carolina.

Fast Fact

MTC offers more than 120 degree, diploma and certificate programs.

Fast Fact

94% of alumni surveyed said they had achieved their educational objectives at MTC.

Student Support Services


Looking for personalized academic advisement, mentoring, and transfer assistance to a four-year college?  The federally funded program TRIO Student Support Services does that. 

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