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Joe Johnson

"Midlands Technical College taught me everything I needed to know about college.

I went there to earn my GED and ended up taking full advantage of the offerings at MTC and staying for two years. My experience was incredibly valuable. After I left MTC, I went on to the University of South Carolina and did really well. I felt prepared, got good grades and was able to get a computer programming job right out of school.

While I was at MTC in the early ‘80s, I was introduced to computer programming.

"All the professors there impressed me and gave me some wonderful guidance."

One of them, Doug Warner, was more like a mentor than a professor. He spent a lot of one-on-one time with us, which he could do because there were six students in our class. We used to joke with him and say, “we wish we knew everything you’ve forgotten.” That’s how smart he was. He helped us feel prepared for college and the workforce.

When I left MTC, I left with technical skills and business management skills. After graduating, I was a computer technician who could really understand the business side of the industry. That combination of skills and knowledge allowed me to succeed. It set me on the path to reach my current position – president and COO of the Palmetto GBA. Midlands Technical College is a great starting place for anyone."

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