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Sparks Fly when Businesses Collaborate with MTC

MTC’s Welding program is garnering a lot of attention in the South Carolina business community.

Employers like Ben Abernathy with EM&C Towers say the only welders his company is hiring right now are graduates from MTC.

“We’re proud to say the competition is nowhere close to our quality and our standards, and that’s because of the great employees we get at Midlands Tech.”

EM&C designs and builds boat towers, platforms, and accessories for fishing boards and pleasure craft.

“Midlands Tech has saved us a lot of money from a recruiting standpoint, from a hiring standpoint, and from a training standpoint. Hiring MTC students has cut our productivity training in half, which reduces our total overhead, and we can get product out to our customers faster. So it’s a great asset.”

Abernathy says the partnership is a perfect example of what is possible when industries collaborate with MTC.

“The group at Midlands Tech has been phenomenal. They actually bought equipment similar to ours to better train their students to come into our work force. It’s been a great working relationship. Midlands Tech has bent over backwards for us.”

He continues, “One thing Midlands Tech has done exceptionally well for the business industry is that not only are they training welding candidates, they are training great employees.”