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Real Success: Turning adversity into inspiration at MTC

Picture of April Lewis.  Quote, "Every MTC Student has a story, and mine shows that you truly can get anywhere from here."  Associate in Human Services, Class of 2009

It hasn’t been easy. April Lewis received the call no military spouse wants to get.

Her husband was killed in action in Iraq. After that blow, she went to a dark place, but Lewis says the darkness lifted when she saw the light of opportunity at Midlands Technical College.

Lewis decided to pick herself up by her bootstraps and enroll at MTC. Here’s what she has to say about her MTC experience in her own words:

“Being ex-military, I had my Montgomery GI Bill. When I compared the cost of Midlands Technical College to a four-year university, I knew I could afford MTC, especially with the support of the GI Bill.

“At MTC, you really can get the same, if not better, education than a four-year school due to MTC’s small, intimate class sizes. The diversification of classes is also impressive. MTC has the standard academic courses, but the school also has courses that help you master life skills.

“I came to MTC after being a six-year army veteran, and I still had things I did not know. I did not know how to write a resume. MTC really fosters you to become an adult.

“Now, I am currently the CEO and founder of Team Healthy Living, LLC. I teach people how they can live well so they can perform optimally at home and at work. I’m a professional speaker, and I’m also the Chief Operating Officer of a healthcare management company – successes I couldn’t have achieved without MTC.

“MTC just prepares you for life. Holistically.

“Every MTC student has a story, and we truly, truly, truly can get anywhere from here, because I – April Lewis – made it!”