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Real Resources: MTC helps veteran succeed

Midlands Technical College officially opened its new Veterans Success Center on the Beltline Campus for service members and veterans to connect and network. The center is home to the only VetSuccess on Campus (VSOC) site in South Carolina, designated by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Graphic of Emma Anderson saying,"If you’re a student who achieves better in small environments, go to MTC."

Retired Master Sergeant Emma Anderson attended the grand opening. She served in the Army for 24 years and then raised a family before coming to MTC for her higher education. On May 3, she will graduate with an Associate in Arts and continue on to pursue a bachelor’s degree at the University of South Carolina. 

Emma says MTC was a key to her success. Here is her story in her own words. 

“I took time off from working to raise my kids. When it was time for me to enter the job market again, I found that I wasn’t employable because I had been out of the job market for so long.

“So, I decided to go back to school, and I chose MTC because of the small class environment. 

“On my first day, the VetSuccess on Campus Counselor Andria Jeffries sat me down and went through a list of resources. She asked me, ‘Do you need this, this, and this?’ If I did need anything, she was right there. She kept me accountable and let me know she not only cared about me academically, but also about my well-being. 

“Ms. Jeffries also made sure I knew about the resources MTC had on-campus. The first place she told me about what the Academic Success Center; it became my second home. I also took advantage of tutoring. If I needed additional resources, I went back to Ms. Jeffries, and she helped me find what I needed. 

“The transition from the military to civilian life is a very delicate part of our life, and the Veterans Success Center is great place to find resources and meet other veterans. It was eye-opening to see how many resources MTC has for veterans.

“My mother-in-law always says, ‘People don’t know how much you care until you show them how much you care.’ MTC showed me they cared about me.

“If you’re a student who achieves better in small environments, go to Midlands Technical College.” 

Midlands Technical College is the largest provider of veterans’ educational benefits in South Carolina, and has several resources to help veterans succeed. To learn more about our veteran resources, click here