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Real Impact: MTC emergency assistance helps students complete their goals

Unexpected situations and financial hardships can make it difficult for students to balance the cost of college. When MTC student and single mother Rochelle Goodwin experienced a financial emergency, the MTC Foundation’s Emergency Grant Fund got her back on track.

“I was in my forties and a single mother of two sons when I made the decision for a better life,” said Rochelle Goodwin.  “I always knew that I wanted to help others, especially the elderly and children with autism. I chose to attend MTC and work toward a degree in health and human services.”

As Rochelle was driving to class one day, her car did something unexpected. The driver’s side door flew open, and it would not latch back shut. She desperately needed financial assistance to pay for the repairs so she could attend school and provide for her family.

Picture of Rochelle Goodwin, MTC Human Services Alumna.  Her quote.  "The faculty and staff helped me gain the confidence to succeed."“I had one of life’s emergencies and didn’t have the financial means to overcome it,” said Rochelle. “The MTC Foundation helped provide financial support so I could pay for my emergency and finish my education.”

Rochelle’s situation is not unique. A new report from the Center for Community College Student Engagement reveals that nearly half of community college students could withdraw from their institutions due to a lack of finances. In many instances, the cost of food, housing, and transportation are major factors that prevent students from completing their education.

“Had it not been for the MTC Foundation’s help, I would not be where I am today, an MTC graduate with a future that makes my family proud. I feel like I am teaching my children that no matter how old you are, you have to keep working hard and going after your dreams.”

Rochelle graduated in August 2017 with her Associate Degree in Human Services. She said the support of MTC faculty and staff helped push her across the finish line. “I could not have completed my education at MTC without the support of the great faculty and staff. They were always supportive and pushed me to succeed. With their encouragement, I now have gained more confidence in myself.”

Rochelle’s story is similar to those of other students at MTC who rely on donations to the Emergency Grant Fund.

“I realize there are people in the community who are making donations and providing support to help students like me succeed,” said Rochelle. “Thanks to people like them, you truly can get anywhere from here.”

Learn how you can make a donation to help students who encounter the financial burdens that threaten their ability to finish college.

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