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Real Gratitude: Student’s Dream is Coming True Thanks to Gift from MTC Alum

Photo of Lasenta.  Caption, "Nothing compares to the education at MTC. I’m so grateful to be able to pay it forward.” Lasenta Lewis-Ellis / Associate Degree / Architectural Engineering and TechnologyWhen MTC alum Lasenta Lewis-Ellis established two scholarships for MTC students, she wanted to pay forward the gift of education that was given to her. She – being a scholarship recipient herself while at MTC – knew the difference the scholarships could make in the lives of others wishing to achieve their educational dreams. What she wasn’t expecting was the emotional thank you that she received from one of the recipients of her scholarship. Here is her story in her own words.

“This is one of the reasons I do what I do! I'm not sharing this to brag or give me glory but to share how good God is. With a small contribution, financial or otherwise, each of us could make a difference in people's lives.

Note sent to Lasenta thanking her for scholarship“When I attended Midlands Technical College, I was a young single mother of two small children. I struggled badly – unable to make ends meet, losing my mother (my biggest support system), bad relationship decisions, and just in a bad place in my life. I wanted to give up and just didn't see life getting struggle after another. However, I KNEW I wanted better for me and my children and having two small children depending on me let me know I could NOT give up.

“While attending Midlands Tech, I applied for and received several scholarships and financial support. It enabled me to take care of my family.

“Last year, I decided it was time to give back. Thanks to Jack Hoekstra at Midlands Tech, we made it happen. It is my goal to be able to help another single-parent family who could use a helping hand. There is absolutely nothing wrong with receiving a helping hand!

“Today, I am filled with joy to receive this letter letting me know it’s working, and I am able to help another young woman who just needed a HAND UP not a HAND OUT. Thank you for reading my long post. Be a blessing to someone today.”