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Real Commitment: MTC Looks to Strengthen Bond with Midlands K-12 Community

Picture of Dr. Ronald L. Rhames speaking to K-12 community.  Dr. Rhames quoted, "We can take our partnerships to a higher level for the benefit of your graduates, their parents, and the communities we serve."“Last year, about 17% of your graduates attended MTC right after graduation. I believe that number could be significantly higher, if not double.” That’s what Dr. Ronald L. Rhames, President of Midlands Technical College, told more than 50 leaders of Midlands K-12 educational institutions during the third-annual MTC K-12 Partnership Summit on October 16, 2017 at Harbison Theatre at Midlands Technical College.

The event brought together representatives from all districts, including administrators, superintendents, and school board members for conversation on how MTC can benefit the Midlands K-12 population as well as reach out to K-12 students more efficiently.

“We want to talk about how we can work together to attract more of your graduates. I believe we can take our partnerships to a higher level for the benefit of your graduates, their parents, and the communities we serve,” said Rhames.

The representatives had many solid contributions on how collectively they could contribute to strengthening those bonds. “I believe we need to work together to increase the exposure of MTC to high school students, even to younger students who aren’t even thinking about college yet,” said one district representative. The leaders also acknowledged the steps the college had already taken based on previous recommendations. 

In the past year, MTC has taken many strides to expand the college's K-12 reach, including implementing multiple measures for placing students at MTC, in addition to expanding the Dual Enrollment program.

“MTC Dual Enrollment has more than doubled,” said Melissa Price, Director of Dual Enrollment at MTC. “My role at MTC is to clarify the educational and financial value of attending MTC beyond high school graduation, and encourage the students to continue their credits here to work towards a degree at MTC once they have a high school diploma.”

Midlands Technical College’s impact on K-12 students is significant and continues to grow. The college continues to focus on introducing students to the school earlier, but still relies on help from district and community allies to spread the word of the college to the K-12 students in the area.

As a closing statement, Rhames asked the crowd to take home with them one thought. “Think about a scenario for your students to make Midlands Technical College a first choice.”