General Sonography Schedule and Courses

Sample Schedule


Introduction/Orientation to General Sonography                                                       

Fall Semester

Abdominal Sonography I
Scan Lab I    
Gynecological Sonography             
Applied DMS  I -  Clinical                                                                            

Spring Semester

Abdominal Sonography II
Obstetrical  Sonography                                                                    
Sonography Physics I
Applied DMS II - Clinical                                                                 

Summer Semester                               

Sonography Registry Review Seminar
Sonography Physics II
Small Parts Sonography
Breast/Neuro Sonography
Applied DMS III - Clinical    


Introduction to Sonography & Patient Care

This is an introductory course to familiarize the student to the ultrasound department, instrumentation terminology, hospital policies and procedures, working relationships within the hospital, and professional ethics.

Sonographic Physics and Instrumentation

The basic principles of medical sonography. Instrumentation of machine controls, transducer, color flow, Doppler ultrasound principles and hemodynamics, as well as the photographic processing and various methods of permanent storage of sonographic images, quality assurance, and bio-effects will be discussed.    

Abdominal Sonography I & II

These courses show the use of medical sonography in diagnosing of diseases of the abdomen. General principles of medical sonography scanning procedures and ultrasonic characteristics of the various organs and pathology will be covered. Laboratory values related to patient disease processes and ultrasonic finding will be reviewed.

Applied DMS Sonography I, II, III

Consecutive courses which are an internship of supervised clinical practicum hours in which the student acquires the knowledge and skills relevant to abdominal, small parts, gynecological and obstetric sonography specialties.

Gynecological Sonography - Anatomy, Physiology and Imaging

Learn applications & scanning methods including transabdominal and endovaginal. Gynecology pathology including tumors, pelvic inflammatory diseases, & congenital pelvic pathology will be presented. The menstrual cycle & its relationship to the sonographic appearance of reproductive organs & surrounding anatomy will be studied, as well as use of sonography in the 1 st trimester of pregnancy.

Sonography Registry Review

This course is a review class to prepare students for the diagnostic medical sonography examinations. The students will participate in the actual preparation of this review. Topics covered include but not limited to: Abdominal, OB/GYN, and general sonography physics and instrumentation.

Obstetrical Sonography

Applications and scanning methods of medical sonography in early pregnancy examination, estimation of gestation age, the placenta, late pregnancy, abnormal growth and development, and special procedures. Pathology associated with pregnancy will be discussed. Embryology will be reviewed. Infertility & the application of sonography in diagnosis and treatment will be studied.

Breast/Neuro Sonography

This course provides the knowledge of disease states and the associated scanning procedures used to assist in diagnosing illnesses and diseases. Students will learn the pathology of various areas of the breast and neurologic tissues, diseases which may affect these areas, and how to best apply the various scanning techniques to ensure optimum imaging results.    

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