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Consumer Education Show

Discount and Couponing Strategies


Finding values with discounts and coupons is easier than you think. Make the most of your financial resources without wasting money. Coupons and discounting are a great start to living a frugal life. We will discuss many ways and tips to save money, stretch the dollars, and reduce your spending painlessly.

  • Total Hours: 2.50
  • CEUs: 0.25
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Creative Arts Show

Acrylic Painting for Fun


Painting with acrylics is exciting, versatile, and easy as you learn to use the basic supplies and techniques to create extraordinary paintings. Instructor will lead step-by-step demonstrations from a photo of yours or one that is supplied. References will include a variety of dynamic landscapes from seaside to mountains. Demos will include how to paint flowers, clouds, grasses, water, and more for an excellent foundation in acrylic painting. See the online materials list for supplies.

  • Total Hours: 15.00
  • CEUs: 1.50
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Calligraphy Script


Enjoy learning to write in traditional italic script with a calligraphy fountain pen. In the class, you'll form the alphabet, address a formal envelope, make a thank you card, make a place card, and write a short quote. See the online materials list for supplies. See the online materials list for supplies. $39

  • Total Hours: 3.00
  • CEUs: 0.30
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Defensive Driving Show

Defensive Driving


Licensed drivers may take this eight-hour National Safety Council course every three years. Successful completion will remove up to four points (except DUI) on a SC driver's license, including CDL. Driver's license number and state required when registering. May reduce insurance costs. Defensive driving techniques are stressed through lectures, videos, and classroom demonstrations. NOTE: Arrive 10 minutes early. No late arrivals will be admitted. Bring a pen or pencil to class.

  • Total Hours: 8.00
  • CEUs: 0.00
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Financial Planning Show

Financial Strategies for Successful Retirement


Learn which assets are appropriate for retirement income, for lifetime use, and for future generations. Explore how to make appropriate healthcare decisions. This course includes a workbook and study aids. Couples may attend together for the single fee. An optional financial planning consultation is provided after class.

  • Total Hours: 9.00
  • CEUs: 0.90
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Maximize Social Security: What Boomers Need to Know


Don't miss this valuable workshop designed especially for baby boomers with a focus on timing Social Security withdrawals to allow maximum retirement income. Recent legislation in Congress will be discussed. The decisions made today can have a tremendous bearing on the total benefits received over a lifetime. Couples may attend together for a single fee.

  • Total Hours: 2.00
  • CEUs: 0.20
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Protecting Your Hard Earned Assets in Volatile Times


Develop a master plan for a worry-free retirement. Will my nest egg survive this volatile market and the coming storms (increased taxes, inflation, market volatility, health care costs, and the debt crisis here and in Europe)? How long will my money last? Learn helpful strategies for a confident financial future in an uncertain economy. Couples may attend together for the single fee.

  • Total Hours: 4.00
  • CEUs: 0.40
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Food and Cooking Show

Cookies - Decorating Techniques With Icing


Become skilled at decorating holiday cookies and learn to outline, flood, pipe, and the technique of brush embroidery. Let the colorful personality of your cookies amaze and leave with the skills to create more tasty treats. Decorating skills are not necessary. Hear information to start your own decorative cookie business.

  • Total Hours: 3.00
  • CEUs: 0.30
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Enhance the Nutrition of Your Everyday Meals


More flavor and more nutrients in every bite with no additional time spent! Bring your favorite comfort food recipes to class where nutritional enhancements and adjustments will be discussed and shared.

  • Total Hours: 1.50
  • CEUs: 0.15
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Motorcycle Show

Advanced Rider Course


The ARC may be taken by riders using any type of motorcycle. It is a one day course. There are ten riding excercises with time for discussion, breaks, and lunch. There is no formal skill test, but there is a knowledge test that may be self-scored (or may be givien as a formal, end-of-course assessment.) The overall aim is to provide rider development in the areas of risk management, decision making, riding strategies, and rider behavior and choices. This includes learner activities to foster gains in knowledge, skill, attitude, values, and habits. (Speeds are higher and maneuvers more challenging than the Basic Rider Course.) BRING YOUR OWN STREET-LEGAL MOTORCYCLE to ride in class. See online Materials List for important information.

  • Total Hours: 8.00
  • CEUs: 0.80
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Basic Motorcycle


This course is for individuals who want to learn basic techniques. A valid driver's license is required at the first class meeting. Please note that a three hour online e-course is required before the first class. A code will be emailed to you for access to this e-course. Certificate of e-course completion must be presented to instructor at first class. The motorcycle range activity Includes riding on small (100-350 cc) training motorcycles. Must pass both a written and riding assessment to receive a completion certificate. For license waiver option, present valid driver's license at first class and pass all assessments. Prerequisite: Must be eligible for a motorcycle driver's license and be able to ride a bicycle. This course is not an alternate to the driver education requirement for under 18-year-old drivers. Meets the standards set by SC law for insurance discount. Half helmets are not allowed, must be full face or open face helmet.

  • Total Hours: 18.00
  • CEUs: 0.00
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Music Show

Community Drum Circle


Bring your favorite hand drum and plan on some great rhythmic fun. You'll be able to learn some new patterns and share your beats with the group as well.

  • Total Hours: 4.50
  • CEUs: 0.45
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Sewing and Quilting Show

Sewing I


Beginners and those with minimal experience will learn the practical basics and creative potential sewing offers. Learn straight and zigzag stitches, straight seams, curved seams, fabrics, and patterns. Students will complete a decorative pillow and a project with a pattern. Class will choose the final project. Sewing machine required. See the online materials list for important details and list of supplies.

  • Total Hours: 18.00
  • CEUs: 1.80
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Sewing II


Perfect your sewing skills in this follow-up to Sewing I. Students must be able to sew, operate and bring their own sewing machines to class. Students will work on projects of their choice to enhance their skills and learn advanced technicques. See the online materials list for important details and list of supplies.

  • Total Hours: 15.00
  • CEUs: 1.50
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Writing Show

Creative Writing Workshop


New and emerging writers will explore the various techniques and process of crafting short stories, novels, memoir, and creative nonfiction.

  • Total Hours: 12.00
  • CEUs: 1.20
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Featured Program

Floral Designer

This 24-hour course in the fundamentals of floral arranging will give students enough basic skills to seek entry level positions in the floral business.

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