About the Program

The associate degree program in General Technology allows students to tailor their coursework to meet their individual needs.

Students work with their advisors to develop a specific contract for the courses they will take under this degree. (To receive financial assistance, veterans must have prior approval of their programs by a VA counselor.)

This degree requires the following credits:

A. Minimum of 15 semester-hour credits in general education.

The Associate in General Technology degree program requires a basic core of 15 credits in general education courses. One component of this core must be designed to develop oral and written communication skills and another component must be designed to develop computational skills. Other components of the core must be drawn from each of the following areas: information literacy, humanities or fine arts, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences and mathematics.

B. Minimum of 40 semester-hour credits in major.

The major consists of a minimum of 28 semester-hour credits in an approved degree, diploma or technical education certificate program and an additional 12 semester-hour credits in another technical specialty.

Additional courses from the major technical specialty and courses from other technical specialties shall be chosen by students with guidance from their faculty advisor. Students adapt their program to employment objectives and compatible interests.

C. A range of 5-29 semester-hour credits of electives and/or other additional courses is required for graduation.

The courses in this section are used to adapt the program to meet local employer requirements and student needs.

Students’ contracted programs must be approved by the department chair of the major technical specialty.


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"It's very straight forward. The professors are friendly, and you're marketable in a short amount of time."

Cyntia Seumo

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