Humanities Department

Humanities Department Mission Statement

The Humanities Department of Midlands Technical College is dedicated to helping students broaden their understanding of themselves and others through the study of diverse cultures, historical perspective, foreign languages, artistic perspectives, and philosophical foundations.  Our curriculum supports the General Education Competencies of communication, mathematics and humanities.

Humanities Department Goals

  • To provide courses which meet the communication, mathematics, and humanities requirements of the General Education Core
  • To provide courses which meet the communication and humanities requirements of other programs across the college
  • To provide courses which enhance the personal growth and interests of the students

Stated Department Outcomes

Students who are taking Humanities courses to meet the Communication General Education Core competency will be able to generate and comprehend oral communication appropriate for a variety of audiences, purposes, and subjects.

Students who are taking Humanities courses to meet the Mathematics General Education Core competency will be able to generate and apply computational skills, quantitative reasoning and symbolic reasoning to evaluate and solve problems systematically.

Students who are taking Humanities courses to meet the Humanities General Education Core competency will be able to understand the diversity of our cultural heritage and the effects of artistic or philosophical influences.

The Humanities Department teaches courses in many disciplines including :  Fine Arts (Art, Music and Theatre), History, Religion, Philosophy, and Public Speaking.  Some of these classes include practical experience in areas such as drawing, painting, acting and learning to play the guitar.  Please see the Course Information page for more explanation and descriptions. Our courses transfer for credit to four year college and universities.  Please check to see which ones are on-campus, online, or hybrid.

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Here is a sample of representative syllabi for the Humanities department. Students are encouraged to continuously discuss options with an advisor. 

ART 101
ART 105
ART 107
ART 108
ART 111
ART 112
ART 211
ART 212
ART 214
FRE 101
FRE 102
GEO 205
GER 101
GER 102
HIS 101
HIS 102
HIS 104
HIS 105
HIS 106
HIS 107
HIS 108
HIS 109
HIS 113
HIS 131
HIS 201
HIS 202
HIS 230
HIS 235
MUS 105
MUS 110
PHI 101
PHI 105
PHI 106
PHI 115
REL 101
REL 102
REL 103
REL 106
SPA 101
SPA 102
SPA 122
SPC 205
SPC 208
SPC 209
THE 101
THE 105
THE 220

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Humanities Department

Elena Martínez-Vidal, Department Chair
Beltline Campus, Wade Martin Building, Room 317-A

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