Associate Degrees

Administrative Office Technology

The Administrative Office Technology (AOT) program is designed to provide students with the skills and experience necessary to achieve top-level information processing/administrative positions.

Computer Technology

Database administrators determine ways to organize, store, and protect data. The curriculum stresses critical thinking skills and the concepts, principles and techniques of information processing, while providing a background in general education and business.

Network Systems Management

The Network Systems Management curriculum is designed to prepare students to successfully pass several major industry certification exams while completing the degree.


Applications Programming

The Application Programming Certificate provides the foundation for an entry-level programmer to gain access to the information processing field.

Customer Service

The Customer Service Certificate Program provides the educational competencies necessary for entry level, professional employment in the numerous multi-dimensional careers of customer service.

Database Development

The Database Development certificate provides the student an opportunity to gain knowledge of relational databases.


The Enterprise Certificate is designed to provide students with the necessary skills to design applications used in enterprise systems.

Help Desk

The student will receive course work in basic technical support and customer service concepts, hardware, advanced software training, interpersonal and professional communications, management information systems, and practical experience under close supervision.

Information Systems Networking

Networking is the common factor in distributed processing, online systems, teleprocessing, terminal based systems and real-time systems.

LAN Networking Systems

The LAN Networking Systems Certificate provides students with the knowledge and skills to prepare for occupations in the field of local-area network administration.

Legal Administrative Assistant

The Legal Administrative Assistant Certificate program is a specialized program designed to provide advanced training and simulated practice in the administrative responsibilities required to complement the legal team in law firms, private or public corporations, or government departments.

Medical Office Administrative Assistant

The Medical Office Administrative Assistant Certificate provides the training students need as specialists in administrative support activities in hospitals, free standing outpatient clinics, and group practices with large numbers of physicians and medical support personnel.

Networking Specialist

The Networking Specialist Certificate provides the core sequence of courses needed to prepare for the installation, configuration, maintenance and administration of a network infrastructure.

Office Support Specialist

The Office Support Specialist Certificate program offers students training in the latest technological advances in order to keep skills current, as well as provide those traditional job skills needed for reentry into the office job markets.

Routing and Networking Configuration

The certificate in Routing and Networking Configuration is a CCNA level series of routing and networking configuration courses.

Web Design and Maintenance

The Web Design and Maintenance Certificate provides the student a knowledge base for supporting a website.



Students who are not ready to declare a specific major may take up to 12 curriculum hours as an undecided major. Undecided students are advised by Counseling and Career Services staff so that they can take advantage of additional support services to help determine which programs best suit their interests and to help identify an appropriate major. Students who know they want a bachelor's degree but are undecided about what their four-year major will be should enroll in the Associate in Arts program.

Featured Program

Network Systems Management

The Network Systems Management curriculum is designed to prepare students to successfully pass several major industry certification exams while completing the degree.

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