Associate Degrees

Associate in Arts

The Associate in Arts program serves students who wish to transfer into a four-year senior college in majors such as business, humanities, or social sciences.

Associate in Science

The Associate in Science program serves students who wish to transfer into a four-year senior college in such majors as computer science, engineering, health sciences, mathematics, or science.


General Studies

The General Studies certificate is designed to provide dually enrolled high school students with a broad general education foundation to facilitate their transition into higher education institutions. The certificate includes introductory courses that students may take before deciding on an academic and career pathway.

Transfer Studies

The Transfer Studies certificate is designed for participants in the residential Gamecock Gateway program in partnership with the University of South Carolina. Program participants are required to successfully complete the following 30 transferable credit hours with a minimum 2.25 transferable grade point average.



Students who are not ready to declare a specific major may take up to 12 curriculum hours as an undecided major. Undecided students are advised by Counseling and Career Services staff so that they can take advantage of additional support services to help determine which programs best suit their interests and to help identify an appropriate major. Students who know they want a bachelor's degree but are undecided about what their four-year major will be should enroll in the Associate in Arts program.