Coronavirus Response: FAQs and Resources

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Explore the links below to find helpful and important information that was compiled based on frequently asked questions around the college due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center (ASC) is providing on-ground tutoring following safety protocols such as social distancing and appointment-based sessions. On-ground tutoring sessions will be available starting Monday August 24, 2020Schedule your on-ground appointment.

Online tutoring is available to all students via You can meet with a tutor 24 hours a day, seven days a week anytime this semester. To access, go to the D2L page for the course you want tutoring in, click on the "College Links" dropdown menu in D2L, and select from the list.

ACT/SAT Application Requirement

Graduated high school seniors do not need ACT/SAT scores to apply to MTC for summer or fall. Using a student’s high school GPA, previous college work (such as dual enrollment or AP courses), previous ACT/SAT score, or an Accuplacer test, there are many ways prospective students “can get anywhere from here.”

Contact the MTC admissions team at for one-on-one help in the application process. Applications are entirely online.


Although MTC campuses are closed due to coronavirus, you can complete the MTC application online. Our enrollment team will be working remotely to help you move from applied to enrolled. If you have questions, you can always call, email, or Live Chat with us for a one-on-one conversation.

SAT/ACT Application Requirement
Graduating high school seniors do not need ACT/SAT scores to apply to MTC for summer or fall. MTC uses a student’s high school GPA, previous college work (such as dual enrollment or AP courses), previous ACT/SAT score or an Accuplacer test. Contact the MTC admissions team at for one-on-one help in the application process.

Advising and Registration

Advisors continue to work and are ready to answer questions online via Zoom. Here is the webpage where you can schedule a virtual appointment. Additionally, the same webpage provides a step-by-step registration guide to help you register once you are web enabled.

If, after using the resources found on the webpages linked above, you continue to encounter registration difficulties, please contact our Records Office directly at

Attendance Requirements

Many students’ lives have been impacted by COVID. Their work or family obligations have only become more challenging in recent months. Faculty will continue to be flexible on attendance in fall and will work with each student based on their individual circumstances to help them successfully complete classes. Faculty will look for a student’s presence/participation in the class – which can be measured by active participation, successful completion of assignments, communication with the faculty and physical presence.

Campus Bookstore

The physical Barnes & Noble bookstores on campus will reopen on July 27, 2020.

  • Open online with orders shipped to your home address free of charge until the start of the fall semester.
  • Barnes and Noble will not charge late fees for books due this spring and summer.
  • Students enrolled in the Summer II session only: books and school supplies sale is June 19 – June 30.
  • Books for many of the training classes will be available online or provided on the first day of class for on-campus classes.
  • For those classes that require students to purchase materials, please refer to the materials list on the course information online, or contact the registration department at 803.732.0432.
CARES Act Reporting
Case of COVID-19 on Campus

Confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 will be managed according to the College’s Exposure Protocol. Actions outlined in the protocol include, when appropriate, coordinating with DHEC to determine course of action and follow-up based upon CDC guidance, coordinating additional cleaning and sanitizing, making appropriate internal notifications to those who may have had an exposure, and managing the return to campus process.

CCE/Training Student Resources

MTC Training programs and Corporate and Continuing Education (CCE) Call Center staff is available to students via phone, email, and chat for the duration of the closure. Please contact us today with any questions or concerns that you might have regarding your classes. Web registrations will continue as normal. You can call the CCE Registration Office at 803.732.0432, email them at, or live chat with them online.

Online registration is open right now for future Training (Corporate and Continuing Education) courses. View the Training Student Resources page for more information. If you have additional questions, please contact the CCE Registration Office at 803.732.0432 or

Common FAQs:

Q: Is my class being cancelled? Will I get a refund if so?  

A: The college will be contacting you directly to let you know if your class is postponed or cancelled. If a class must be cancelled by the college, full refunds will be issued.

Q: How will I know if my class is being moved to online or virtual? 

A: The college will be contacting you directly to let you know if your class is being moved to alternative instruction methods and will send you instructions to access your class.

Q: What if I don’t have internet or computer access?

A: See Wi-Fi section below.


Midlands Technical College’s 2020 graduation ceremony will be held at Colonial Life Arena in Columbia on December 9, 2020. The original date for graduation was May 6.

Students who finished their degrees this Spring will receive diplomas in the mail in June, and they are invited to walk across the stage in December.
Additional details about the December graduation will be communicated via MTC email.

Counseling and Career Services

If you would like to speak with a counselor for personal, academic or career counseling, please call 803.822.3505 or 803.738.7636. You can also email Please provide your name, student id number, and best contact phone number. A counselor will return your call during business hours. MTC Counseling and Career Services FAQs.

Face Coverings

MTC students are required to wear a face covering while in the presence of others or in public settings on MTC campuses. Public settings including common spaces, meeting rooms, hallways, classrooms, labs, etc.

Students may purchase face coverings online via the college bookstore and have them shipped to their home before classes begin. A face covering is required when individuals arrive on campus, and coverings will also be available for purchase at the cashier’s office. Students also have the option to purchase from a retailer or make their own.

Fall Semesters

Those who prefer face-to-face classes will have plenty of courses, while those who are more comfortable with online (asynchronous), virtual (synchronous), and hybrid formats will also have more options than in the past. We are providing options that are being directly entered in the online schedule. Students can see how a class will be delivered when they use the Course Search or when they view class availability in Student Planning.

Training classes through our Corporate and Continuing Education Division are added every week. Please check the website regularly for new offerings. Many classes will continue to be offered online in addition to on campus.

Financial Aid

The coronavirus is not stopping financial aid. You can complete your financial aid (FAFSA) application online and send in documents today. Complete the online forms and email completed documents to Staff is working remotely to assist while the college is closed.

Withdrawing from a course or all of your courses can affect your financial aid. Students who withdraw from all of their courses may be required to return a portion of their financial aid, so we encourage you to finish what you started. We’re here to help you succeed. Each student’s situation will be evaluated individually with a financial aid counselor who can help you with this process. For questions, contact or leave a message at 803.738.7818. Someone will be checking messages regularly and will get back to you.

Students who need help with the FAFSA application should contact the Educational Opportunity Center at 803.822.3749 for assistance.


Students can access MTC library resources online and through their D2L account. While the library’s physical locations on campus are closed for checking out for books, DVDs, laptops, etc., please remember that 90% of library resources are available online 24/7. There will be no late fees during this time.

New Student Orientation

Were you recently admitted to the college?  Congratulations! New Student Orientation is offered completely online.  If you are a new freshman, a new transfer student, or a readmit student, follow the steps in your Admissions notification to complete online orientation and schedule your advising appointment.

Online Learning

When MTC originally scheduled Academic and Corporate and Continuing Education courses for Fall 2020, there was about 75% on-campus and 25% online. MTC has worked over the past few weeks to move that closer to a 50% on-campus and 50% online split in order to accommodate the needs of every student. IRM News: Zoom Best Practices


Registration for fall 2020 semesters is now open! For those who have been advised and are ready to register, remember a “Program Eligibility Requirements Agreement” must be completed each semester. Here is a quick reference guide that shows where to find the agreement on MyMTC.

Return to Campus Timeline

*Corporate and Continuing Education students will return to campus according to a modified schedule.  

  • June 1
    Select student return for on-campus coursework.
  • June 15
    Faculty and staff begin to return in phases.
  • July 27
    Bookstore, cashier, and registration offices open. On-campus student services by appointment only.
  • August 14
    Fall semester tuition and fees due.
  • August 24
    Fall academic semester begins. MTC campuses open.

After Thanksgiving
Currently, MTC plans to maintain the 2020-2021 academic calendar as outlined. This schedule allows students the most flexibility to shift from on campus to online early, middle, or late in the semester as the situation changes or as needs arise.

Safe Campus Environment

As always, the health and safety of the MTC community are the top priorities. The college will issue guidelines and protocols based on SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

Additionally, the following precautions are being put in place:

  • Cleaning of facilities and equipment will occur much more frequently  
  • Protective shields are being installed where appropriate  
  • Hand sanitizing stations and sanitizing wipes will be available for cleaning high-touch and personal work spaces  
  • New educational and caution signage will be in place throughout the college’s campuses and facilities  
  • Individual student’s circumstances and concerns will be addressed by Student Development Services (SDS)  
  • Exposures will be managed according to DHEC and CDC recommendations and the MTC exposure protocol
  • Employees and students are required to adhere to CDC and DHEC safety recommendations.

The Midlands Technical College Foundation Scholarship deadline has passed (May 1, 2020). The goal is to notify all scholarship recipients by July 1.

Senior Citizen Students

For senior citizen students who are taking advantage of S.C.'s free-tuition program, a waiver form is required. Call 803.732.5200 and leave a message or email

Social Distancing on Campus

Everyone must take responsibility for maintaining six feet of separation during interactions with each other. Classrooms, labs, common spaces, waiting areas, and services areas will have social distancing guidance posted and marked.

All prospective and enrolled students, visitors, and employees are expected to fully comply with the procedures, protocols, and guidelines outlined for health and safety on campus. Primary among these are wearing a face covering and observing six feet of distance between individuals. Student Development Services will work with students who are unable to wear face coverings by offering alternative instruction and service options. Failure to comply with the protocols may result in disciplinary action.

The College will continue to provide students the full array of student support services. However, how students access these services will vary depending on the type of services and the size of the service areas. The number of guests a student may bring to an appointment may also be limited to comply with social distancing and safety protocols.

Some services may be provided by appointments only or through various virtual methods. For example, Academic and Career Advising plans to continue advisement via Zoom through the summer, and students will continue to have the option to complete advisement for spring classes using Zoom in the fall semester. Students will also receive many online resources.

Student IDs

Currently, MTC is only processing ID requests virtually.

Students should send an email to Student Life and include:

  • Proof that you have paid your fees for the semester
  • MTC ID number if it is not on your proof of payment
  • A copy of a picture ID
  • Your mailing address (we will mail your ID to you)
  • photo for your ID*

Photo Guidelines

  • Color
  • Plain, neutral background
  • Head & shoulders only
  • No hats or head coverings, except for religious purposes
  • No sunglasses

*All images are subject to approval by the office of Student Life.​

Student Resources

Important resources are still available for student access. Staff members are working remotely during normal operation hours to ensure that the lines of communication remain open for students who have questions or need assistance.

To get started, explore the student resources webpage. There, you can even use the live chat function to speak with a team member from Student Information Services.

Student Support Services

Students can meet with a counselor for personal, academic, or career counseling and disability services via phone, email, or video conferencing.  Students can contact 803.822.3505, 803.738.7636 or The MTC Counseling and Career Services also have community resource information regarding mental health referrals, food, housing, utilities, etc.

Student Organizations

Student organizations will continue to meet virtually.

Subway Restaurant

Subway will be open on the Beltline and Airport Campuses Monday - Thursday. 

Technical Issues

The Information Resource Management (IRM) Help Desk provides support for students experiencing problems relating to online services, including: MyMTC, student email, D2L, and Zoom.

The Help Desk is open daily from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. On Fridays, until 1:30 p.m. Contact the Help Desk at 803.738.7888 or


MTC Testing Offices are closed due to coronavirus (COVID-19). All academic and professional testing services are not being conducted that this time. However, the testing services office is offering Virtual Testing for ACCUPLACER. Please visit the testing services webpage for more information regarding ACCUPLACER.

MTC’s testing staff members are also working remotely and can answer any questions you have. Please email with questions and someone will respond as soon as possible.

Training Courses: Online Registration Is Happening Now

Online registration is open right now for future Training (Corporate and Continuing Education) courses. View the Training Student Resources page for more information. If you have additional questions, please contact the CCE Registration Office at 803.732.0432 or

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for online courses is the same rate as tuition for on-ground courses. Fees go toward many different programs and services that help students. Those services (such as library and research databases, counseling and career resources; and, tutoring and life skills centers) are available to students while they are both on-and-off campus. Lab fees are being reviewed by the administration for future semesters.

Tutors 24/7

As part of MTC’s response to COVID-19, we also are providing all students access to You can meet with a tutor 24 hours a day, seven days a week anytime this semester. You can also have your papers reviewed and returned to you within 12 hours. To access in D2L, simply click on the "College Links" menu from any of your courses, select, and then follow the on-screen directions from there.


Students using veteran educational benefits should contact the Office of Veteran Affairs at after completing course registration for the Fall 2020 term. Students can leave messages at 803.738.7615, and our VA staff members will return all calls within 24 hours.


We understand that some students have limited access to the internet from home. WiFi is now available from your vehicle at campus parking lots

Withdrawal Deadline

Before withdrawing, students should reach out to their Academic and Career Advisor, listed on their Student Profile page in MyMTC, to determine the impact of a choice to withdraw.

Students are also encouraged to connect with Student Financial Services at to determine the impact of withdrawal on any awarded aid and future aid eligibility.

Until campuses reopen, any student who needs to withdraw from a course should e-mail from their MTC e-mail account to request a withdrawal. The email should include, the semester from which you wish to be withdrawn, your MTC student ID number, and the course and section number e.g. MAT 255 B01.

Withdrawal Deadlines

  • Summer I: Monday, June 15, 2020
  • Summer 7-Week: Monday, July 20, 2020
  • Summer II: Monday, July 20, 2020
  • Full Summer: Monday, July 20, 2020


Coronavirus Info

Important Things Happening Now

  • Fall Registration: Open Now
  • All MTC campuses are closed to the public until at least June 1, 2020.
  • Alternative instruction, which supports the Governor's executive order, continues at MTC. 

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