Chemical Process Technology

Chemical Process Technology Certificate

About the Program

The Chemical Process Technology Certificate is a two-semester (24 credit hour) program that addresses the fundamentals of chemical process technology. Students are eligible to enroll in this program only after the basic prerequisites for individual courses within the certificate are met. The program covers fundamentals of process technology including mechanical and electrical components, plant unit operations and instrumentation. The demand for chemical and process technicians with basic skills in laboratory technique, quality control, instruments and calibration, general chemistry, spectroscopy, and related skills is significant and will continue to grow. This certificate is designed both for the students needing a background in process technology principles and for those who intend to pursue a degree in chemical technology. This certificate is considered an advanced certificate and is designed to dovetail easily with the Chemical Technology Certificates and /or the Mechanical Engineering technology program. Graduates from this certificate program are qualified to enter the workforce as a medium level operator, process technician, or senior manufacturing technician. The course sequence is designed to also prepare the student for more advanced on-the-job training in chemical technology or in a manufacturing process.


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