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About the Career

From deep-sea diving to aviation and aerospace, few careers come with the built-in excitement and opportunities found in professional welding.

Professional welders are in high demand and typically earn higher than average wages. Students can fuse their skills and creativity in this essential profession. Build bridges - repair rockets - start a company. Choose from projects throughout the state, the country and the world.

When it comes to employment choices for professional welders, the sky is the limit. Welders can be found working on pipelines in Alaska, space shuttle launch platforms, stock-car speedways, and underwater bridge supports. There are also many opportunities close to home.

There’s plenty of work for professional welders and even more on the horizon. Nearly half of the nation’s welding workforce is due to retire soon. The US economy depends on a constant supply of professional welders, and experts say that demand is only going to grow.

Academic Programs

Welding Technologies I

Prepare yourself for in-demand careers in the welding industry. From basic welding to advanced pipe welding – including welding theory, print reading, and weld testing – you’ll receive the hands-on and theory-based training you need to be successful. In this program, you will earn academic credits you can apply toward an associate degree.

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Training Programs

Welder - Day Program

This is the shortest path at MTC to becoming a professional welder. From basic welding to advanced pipe welding, this hands-on program will give you the skills you need to quickly enter the job market.

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Welder Evening Program I

In this fast-paced program, learn fundamental and applied welding techniques utilizing SMAW (stick), FCAW (flux core), GMAW (MIG), and GTAW (TIG) processes. You’ll quickly gain the skills you need to enter the job market or advance in your current position.

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Welder Evening Program II

Apply the welding skills you attained in the Welder Evening Program I. You will become proficient in welding six-inch (6G) pipe using the SMAW (stick) and GTAW (TIG) processes, further enhancing your employment options in the welding industry.

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Projected Job Growth


* Source: EMSI Career Coach

Average Annual Salary


* Source: EMSI Career Coach


Academic students are taking courses for credit toward a degree, certificate, or diploma. They can earn a degree, certificate, or diploma at MTC or transfer to another school to complete their studies. Academic students must apply to and enroll at the college.

Academic Programs


Training students—sometimes called "Continuing Education" students—can take individual courses or earn certificates and certifications. They don't have to apply to the college; they can register directly for classes. Training courses don't earn college credit or transfer to other institutions.

Training Programs