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The days of labor-intensive manufacturing have passed. Modern manufacturing environments are highly automated and employ sophisticated systems to increase production, lower costs and improve quality. In these environments, production line downtime can cost thousands of dollars per hour in lost productivity and missed production deadlines. For the manufacturer to remain viable, it is imperative that their lines remain operating at peak efficiency. Mechatronics technicians keep the production lines functioning at the highest capacity.

Modern manufacturing lines have taken full advantage of automation technologies to lower costs, increase production and improve quality control. They employ extensive use of robotics, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), hydraulic/pneumatic systems, and sophisticated electrical systems. Mechatronics technicians have a good grasp of these complex systems, allowing them to perform critical maintenance and repairs.

Academic Programs

Mechatronics Technology I

Mechatronics Technology Certificate program prepares students to work in the highly automated manufacturing environment of the 21st century.

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Training Programs

Industrial Mechanical Maintenance

There is a growing need for skilled mechanical industrial maintenance technicians in manufacturing today. This generates an excellent opportunity for successful students in this training program to find high paying jobs in this field.

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Industrial Electrical Technician

Gain good fundamental knowledge of the electrical theory and skills that are required of an electrical technician in the industrial or manufacturing arena. This training program provides lots of hands on, practical application will be used in class to reinforce the theory that you learn.

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South Carolina Manufacturing Certification (SCMC)

The South Carolina Manufacturing Certification (SCMC) is a certification program that teaches essential skills for high-demand jobs in advanced manufacturing. Obtain 10 separate manufacturing certifications including OSHA, M-S-S-C, Six Sigma and Snap-on in just 10 weeks! The industry-recognized, national certification is awarded upon successfully completing the Safety, Quality Practices and Measurement, Manufacturing Processes and Production, and Maintenance Awareness assessment. Full scholarships are available.

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Academic students are taking courses for credit toward a degree, certificate, or diploma. They can earn a degree, certificate, or diploma at MTC or transfer to another school to complete their studies. Academic students must apply to and enroll at the college.

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Training students—sometimes called "Continuing Education" students—can take individual courses or earn certificates and certifications. They don't have to apply to the college; they can register directly for classes. Training courses don't earn college credit or transfer to other institutions.

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