The Jobs Gap

Middle-Skilled Workers in High Demand.  South Carolina will add 20,00 new jobs in the next 5 years.

...but South Carolinians don’t currently have the education and training needed to fill these lucrative positions.

Jobs in South Carolina:  45% of those jobs require some career training but not a 4-year degree.In South Carolina, both college graduates (high-skilled workers) and high school graduates (low-skilled workers) have too many people competing for a small number of jobs.

The job market for technically educated, well-trained employees is growing rapidly. Between now and the year 2022, it’s estimated that 82%* of all job openings in South Carolina will require a two-year education or a specialized certificate or training.
That’s a lot of great-paying careers in areas like business, information technology, finance and accounting, management, and more.
*Source: SCDEW, South Carolina 2015 Job Skills Gap Update

However, jobs for “middle-skilled” workers—requiring education and training beyond high school but less than a four-year degree—account for 45% of available jobs, but only 29% of available workers meet the middle-skilled hiring criteria. The jobs are open, and the middle-skill salaries are competitive, often ranging from $40,000 to over $100,000.

What does this mean?

Simply put: students who get some training or education beyond high school are likely to be the most in-demand employees in the future.

Only three out of 10 workers are qualified to fill these positionsA large percentage of low-skilled workers need to move to the middle-skilled hiring arena. This goal is not just applicable for younger students currently in K-12 school systems—it also applies to adults who missed the opportunity to extend learning at earlier points in their lives.

Empowering students to make smart decisions

Too few people know about this crucial gap between skills and market demand. Employment growth in South Carolina is not going to be in low-skill areas. The new jobs will overwhelmingly require skills and education beyond high school. That doesn’t have to be a full two-year program—some certificates can be obtained in just a couple of months. But any amount of post-high-school training will give students a leg up in the marketplace when applying for jobs.

MTC is preparing students for the jobs of the future

A degree from MTC can help prepare you for the real opportunities in the job marketing.  MTC is working to close the gap between what is needed in the job market and the skills of South Carolinians. Our programs offer affordable, convenient classes that teach real skills, preparing real students for real jobs.

We have worked with local businesses to develop programs that address three critical areas of need– Business, Computer and Information Technology, and Welding. With these programs and a burgeoning economy, we are building a pipeline to new jobs in South Carolina and matching students with available opportunities right here at home.


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98% of students and 98% of employers surveyed rated the course content and instructional quality of MTC's Training programs as satisfactory or better.

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