Cardiovascular Sonography Schedule and Courses

Sample Schedule


  • Introduction to CVS Sonography


  • EKG Cardiac Testing 
  • Scan Lab I 
  • Vascular Sonography I
  • Echocardiography I
  • Applied Cardiovascular Sonography I - Clinicals


  • Scan Lab II
  • Vascular Sonography II 
  • Echocardiography II
  • Sonography Physics I 
  • Applied Cardiovascular Sonography II  - Clinicals


  • Echocardiography III
  • Vascular Sonography III
  • Registry Review
  • Sonography Physics II
  • Applied Cardiovascular Sonography III - Clinicals


Introduction to Sonography & Patient Care

This is an introductory course to familiarize the student to the ultrasound department, instrumentation terminology, hospital policies and procedures, working relationships within the hospital, and professional ethics.

Sonographic Physics and Instrumentation

The basic principles of medical sonography. Instrumentation of machine controls, transducer, color flow, Doppler ultrasound principles and hemodynamics, as well as the photographic processing and various methods of permanent storage of sonographic images, quality assurance, and bio-effects will be discussed.

Vascular Sonography I

Basic protocols for performing vascular sonography, testing examinations, indications, history, and physical examinations will be covered.

Echocardiography I

The is the first of two courses which covers the basic protocols for performing echocardiograms and normal sonographic anatomy & physiology pertaining to echocardiography.

Applied CVS I, II, & III

Consecutive courses which provide internships of supervised clinical practicum hours where the student acquires the knowledge and skills relevant to echocardiography and vascular specialties.

Noninvasive EKG Cardiac Testing

Basic EKG interpretation and the principles of EKG, holter monitor hook up and cardiac stress testing are covered. Continuation of adult echo is included.

Vascular Sonography II

The study of sonography and its application in the diagnosis of vascular diseases. Duplex, pulsed and continued wave Doppler velocities and cranial Doppler will be studied.

Echocardiography II

The second in a series focusing on adult cardiac diseases with sonographic anatomy and physiology. .       

CVS Sonography Review

This course is a review class to prepare students for the cardiovascular sonography examinations. The students will participate in the actual preparation of this review. Topics covered include but are not limited to: Echocardiography, vascular, and CV sonography physics & instrumentation.

Vascular Sonography III

The third in a series focusing on technical principles and instrumentation specific to vascular technology.

Echocardiography III

This is the final class in instruction of standard ultrasound techniques to image two-dimensional slices of the heart and 3-D real-time imaging. Fetal cardiac embryology and an introduction to pediatric echocardiology are provided as well as special topics related to cardiovascular sonography.

Scan Lab I, II, III

These courses allow students to gain additional understanding and experience in scanning procedures related to scheduled classroom topics. Scan lab topics will accentuate the studnets' understanding of the subjects covered in the vascular, echocardiography and physics courses.