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Use #MTConstitutionday to earn some free MTC swag

When: Sunday, September 17, 2017

Constitution Day is Sunday, September 17. Here's your chance to pay homage to our founding fathers and earn the chance to win some MTC swag!


Create a post on your personal social media pages with #MTConstitutionday tagged.


  • Post a video of you reciting the Preamble
  • Post pictures of family and friends who are veterans
  • Post 120 characters of your favorite article or amendment of the Constitution and why

Be sure to include #MTConstitutionday in your post. The Student Advisory Board (SAB) will vote for the winners.

The contest ends on Constitution Day, Sunday, Sept. 17. The winner will be selected and announced during the week of September 18-22.


Sponsored by the MTC Office of Student Life

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