Nursing Student Transferring to MTC from Another Program

Students seeking admission into a nursing program at MTC who have been enrolled in, but not completed, another nursing program must complete the following requirements to be considered for admission:

1. Transfer Transcripts

Have official transcripts sent directly from the former college(s) to MTC's Admissions Office.

2. Admissions Requirements

Meet the Nursing Program's admission requirements.

3. Submit a Transfer Letter

Submit a letter to the Admissions Office stating the desire to transfer.

4. Submit a Course Transfer Consideration Request

Submit to the Admissions Office copies of content outlines of all nursing courses that the student wants transfer consideration.

5. Submit a Letter From the Dean

Submit a letter to the Admissions Office from the Dean or Director of the former Nursing Program that addresses the student's:
a. theoretical standing
b. clinical standing
c. eligibility for continuing or readmission to that program
Note: Only students who are able to continue in the former nursing program are considered for transfer. Students must have successfully completed at least one semester of clinical coursework to be considered for transfer.

6. Meet Credit Hour Requirements

Meet MTC's requirement for 25 percent of the curriculum credit hours to be taken at MTC.

7. Prerequisite Courses

Meet all prerequisite and corequisite courses applicable to the semester for which the student is seeking entry. Biologies must be taken within five years of the date of entry in the nursing program.

8. Clinical Course Validation

If it has been longer than 9 months but less than 13 months since completion of the last clinical course, validation of previous coursework will be required. If it has been longer than 13 months since completion of the last clinical course, the student is not eligible for transfer at advanced standing.

9. Contingency Plan

Once it is determined that a student is eligible for transfer, a contingency plan will be mailed to the student for consideration. Transfer requests are honored contingent on space availability. Continuing students have priority over transfer requests.