Admissions Requirements for Early High School Graduates


To be considered for admission to MTC for Spring Semester 2020, we recommend you submit an admissions application on or before the Spring Priority Application Deadline (November 1, 2019). On the application, apply as a New Student. (Registration for Spring 2020 begins October 23 for students with no college credit.)

Important college deadlines: MIDLANDSTECH.EDU/calendar/important

Submit Credentials for Admission and Determine Course Placement

Credentials Include | SAT® Scores, ACT® Scores, High School Transcript, and or MTC Placement Test

  • Take the college’s placement test or be exempted through MTC’s multiple measures guidelines. You must take the college’s placement test (or be approved by MTC Admissions to exempt the placement test) before you can be admitted to MTC. When you take your test, you will need to bring a photo ID and know your Social Security number. More info: MIDLANDSTECH.EDU/admissions/testing-services

In order to be admitted for the Spring Semester, you will also need to submit the following forms to MTC Admissions Office:

  • Please submit the Early High School Graduation Packet that includes the following original signed forms:
    • Early Graduation Form (completed by your high school)
    • Parental Permission Form (completed by the parent if student is 17 or younger)
    • U.S. Citizenship/Lawful Presence Verification (to be completed on campus)
    • Parental LIFE Scholarship Agreement Form for Early Graduation
    • LIFE Scholarship Early Graduation Application* (if applicable)

*The LIFE Scholarship Early Graduation Application should be completed and returned to the Student Financial Services office before 5 p.m. on March 2, 2020. Please contact Gwen Harris, LIFE Coordinator, at 803.738.7777 or with questions regarding the LIFE Scholarship.

(All the forms above can be found here on our Forms Page under the ‘Forms for Early High School Graduate.’)

  • To be eligible for financial aid, submit your 2019-2020 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using MTC’s school code, 003993.
    • When completing the FAFSA, you must indicate that you have completed high school. However, please note that you are NOT eligible for federal financial aid until you have officially graduated from high school and MTC has received your original final high school transcript that includes all grades through December/January and includes a cumulative GPA based on the S.C. Uniform Grading Policy/GPA Calculation Date.
    • Midlands Technical College’s school code is 003993.
    • You can find information and the financial aid application at MIDLANDSTECH.EDU/financialaid.


  • Once you have been admitted to MTC, you will then:
  • Log in to your MyMTC account and MyMTC student email account.
  • Sign up for New Student Orientation | MIDLANDSTECH.EDU/new
    • You will need to complete the Online Orientation before you meet with an advisor. Please contact New Student Advisement and Registration with questions, 803.738.8324, option 9.


Please have your high school submit the following documents to the MTC Admissions Office:

  • By February 10, 2020 | Letter from your high school principal on school letterhead indicating you have completed all high school graduation requirements by the established December/January deadline.
  • By February 10, 2020 | Official copy of your final high school transcript. Transcript must include all grades through December/January and include a cumulative GPA based on the S.C. Uniform Grading Policy/GPA calculation date. (We do not need class ranking.)

If you have additional questions, please contact Dylon Ligon at 803.738.7879 or by email at