Success Stories

You can get anywhere from here. Find out how Midlands Technical College helped these individuals and businesses get to where they want to be.

Picture of Ashton June

Ashton June

"MTC was convenient, affordable, and was in touch with what local companies were looking for in an employee."

Picture of Sheldon Sumpter

Sheldon Sumpter

"Midlands Technical College set me up to flourish."

Picture of Pedro de Abreu

Pedro de Abreu

"MTC, above all, rewards hard work and diligence by helping you develop and solidify a successful path."

Picture of Emma Anderson

Emma Anderson

“If you’re a student who achieves better in small environments, go to Midlands Technical College.”

Picture of the Honorable Tomothy Edmond

The Honorable Tomothy Edmond

"We live in a society that if you do not further your education, you will severely limit your career options"

Picture of Kadejah Pickering

Kadejah Pickering

Less than a month after receiving my MTC certification, I was offered an office administrative position.

Picture of Ariana Coleman

Ariana Coleman

“MTC has helped me make my educational goals a reality that has been both affordable and successful!”

Photo of Vicki Givens

Vicki Givens

"With my education from MTC, I am literally going anywhere in a career I love."

Picture Ron Pagoota

Southeastern Freight Lines

"Going through this program means a much greater chance of success for our employees and our whole department."

Picture of Devin Henson

Devin Henson

“Thanks to the generous support from the MTC Foundation, my Differential Equations class was able to launch a high altitude weather balloon and capture some pretty stunning images of ‘near space.’”

Picture of John Leighty

John Leighty

"My education at MTC led me to a stable, long-term job after years of being stuck in service jobs."

Picture of Denise Smith

Denise Smith

"MTC gave me the guidance I needed to be a great manager for our company."