Success Stories

You can get anywhere from here. Find out how Midlands Technical College helped these individuals and businesses get to where they want to be.

Play video of Brantley B. success story

Brantley B.

"Since Midlands Technical College is organized for students of all types, they have enabled me to earn my computer programming degree at the pace that meets my needs."

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Joe Johnson

"All the professors there impressed me and gave me some wonderful guidance."

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Dr. Bill Mulkey

"I am proud to be part of Midlands Technical College."

Picture of George "Garry" Powers, Chair, MTC Commission

George Powers

Midlands Technical College's greatest impact is in transforming lives.

Play video of Sara Oswald's success story

Sara Oswald

"Midlands Technical College opened the door to a whole new world for me – and the out-of-pocket cost for my entire education from MTC to Harvard was $1,891."

Photo of Jayda Manning

Jayda Manning

"Without an education, it’s hard to get a career. Not just a job, but a career."

Play video of Heather Williams' success story

Heather Williams, RDH

"When I look back on my life since graduation, I hear my MTC instructors’ voices telling me ‘Heather, you can change the world.’"

Photo of Pete Sercer

Commissioner Emeritus Pete Sercer

It has been an honor and privilege to be a small part of the lives of so many students.

Play video of Roger Fowler Jr.'s success story

Roger Fowler Jr.

"Midlands Technical College will always be the strong start that put me ahead of the curve."

Picture of Rochelle Goodwin

Rochelle Goodwin

“I had an unanticipated life emergency and no extra money to pay for it. I feared this expense might prevent me from finishing my degree.”