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Sheldon Sumpter

Sheldon Sumpter

"Midlands Technical College set me up to flourish.

I was attending Clemson when life took an unexpected turn for my family. I ended up leaving school, coming back home to Columbia and going to work. After eight years of working, I decided to get back to my college plan.

I thought I might want to go to New York University. My next thought was, “how do I get there?” My research brought me to Midlands Technical College. I discovered I could get a high-quality education with classes that would transfer.

"The only difference was the price was a small fraction of traditional four-year schools. It was a no brainer."

I got a solid foundation during my two years at MTC, and had plenty of opportunities to grow. After two years, I looked into the other great schools – the London School of Economics, the University of Michigan, the University of California at Berkley and Harvard – I might be able to transfer to. I ended up choosing NYU. I’m a senior this year, and have two classes left before graduating at Yankee stadium in May with a Bachelor’s degree in economics and minors in business studies and philosophy.

I’ll be starting to work in finance as a trader after graduation, and am considering attending Harvard Business School in a couple years. It’s the next step in a long-term plan to set up a business of my own that focuses on social issues and lets me help others.