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Jake Tyler

Full-time soldier Army Sergeant Jake Tyler graduated from Midlands Technical College May 5, 2017, with high honors receiving both an Associate in Arts and an Associate in Science degree.
At first, Sergeant Tyler was uncertain he would be able to attain his educational goals while maintaining his job. Tyler says he specifically chose MTC because it was a place where he could do both in a helpful, affordable learning environment.

Sergeant Tyler says thanks to MTC, he is well on his way toward achieving his long-term goal of becoming a doctor. Here is his story in his own words.

“I graduated from MTC with an Associate in Arts and an Associate in Science degree. It feels pretty good graduating with high honors. Actually, I’m the first one to go to college in my family, so this is a pretty big thing!

“The small class sizes helped me a lot. I can’t imagine being in a huge class with 200 people or something. The small class sizes were one of the main reasons I chose MTC over other colleges.

“Another reason I wanted to attend school at MTC is because I saw that MTC has one of the highest transfer rates to the University of South Carolina— meaning my credits will transfer.

“I received a lottery scholarship which is very, very cool because I had never heard of that before I got to Midlands Technical College. While the Army does help pay for school, I still have expenses to pay, so the lottery scholarship helps out a lot. By saving null textmoney here and now, it will help me as I prepare to save money for medical school.

“My MTC journey is complete. Now, I’m transferring to the University of South Carolina and will get a bachelor’s degree in biology. After that, I want to apply to dental school or medical school.

“I loved my MTC experience. I actually get to serve my country, and I get to be a really good student.

You really can get anywhere from Midlands Technical College.”