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Brittney Smith

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MTC gave me the tools and confidence I needed to transfer to a four-year school.

My time at Midlands Technical College changed the way my parents and friends think of technical colleges. Midlands Technical College taught me to be a well-rounded person who could interact with anyone from anywhere. The college taught me to be compassionate and not judgmental. They gave me the tools and the confidence that I needed to transfer to a four-year school. 

I started my college career at Francis Marion University as a traditional college freshman, but didn’t take classes seriously. My dean told me that I had two choices: get focused or go home. I decided I should go home, and after a long, tense talk with my dad, I withdrew from school.

At home, I started working at Cracker Barrel. The pay seemed great to a nineteen-year-old with no responsibility. Then I received a brochure from Midlands Technical College’s Corporate and Continuing Education Department. I had never thought about going to MTC until I read it. My mindset was that technical colleges were designed for people who weren’t that bright and just needed a quick job. Still, I dropped by the admissions office one day and put in my application. I was admitted the same day.

I enrolled into the associate of arts program. After all, I was only there to get a few classes and transfer to a “real school.” When I got home, I immediately told my Mom and Dad about getting accepted into MTC and signing up for classes. My parents seemed happy that I was going back to school, but not so happy it was a technical school. My friends had similar reactions.

I got involved in many programs at MTC. In addition to my CCE classes, I took a lot of different classes to try to determine what my major would be at a four-year school. My classes were so diverse. The stories of the people I met on campus were wonderful. I was able to get my grades up and my passion for community service was ignited. With all these different experiences, coming to MTC made learning fun. 

My parents were so proud of my success, and getting good grades really boosted my confidence.

"I think what helped the most was having caring advisors and instructors who forced me to think critically and made me aim for the stars."

I’ve since graduated from The University of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Women’s and Gender Studies. I actually gained employment at Midlands Technical College in the Human Resources Department as the temporary employment specialist. 

I was surprised to find how much I had grown to love MTC. I now advise students and parents to consider MTC as a first destination for college. I am very pleased with my life and what I have grown to be. MTC taught me if I fall down to get back up and keep fighting. I thank every instructor, advisor, and student who inspired me to be great at Midlands Technical College. 

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