Real Stories

Brantley B.

Brantley's neurological challenges won't stop her from succeeding at MTC.

"Since Midlands Technical College is organized for students of all types, they have enabled me to earn my computer programming degree at the pace that meets my needs. This has proven that people like myself, with neurological challenges, can prosper and have a positive impact in society. My high school guidance counselor recommended that I start at Midlands Tech and transfer to a four year university; however, I quickly decided to earn my degree at MTC once I learned they offered the computer programming degree that I desired.

"I have enjoyed the curriculum, class size and expertise that Midlands Technical College offers."

I appreciate and enjoy the direct contact with faculty that is fostered by the small classes at Midlands Tech. Many faculty members have graciously provided wisdom and assistance throughout my higher education, but three professors have had an extraordinary impact on my overall experience at Midlands Technical College. 

Dr. Wanda Burwick has been a great advocate, promoting my abilities and work ethic among faculty and my peers. Dr. Bruce Martin has been a superb advisor, helping me maintain an acceptable workload and obtaining the software and accommodations for my unique situation. Dr. Katherine Mille has been an entrepreneur in enhancing the inclusion of all students in classroom activities. Dr. Mille utilized MTC’s existing technology and our outgoing personalities to enable me to interact in class like I have never had the opportunity to do before. We worked to promote the interaction of all students and even produced the video, “Enhancing the Classroom with Disabled Students,” which can be found in MTC libraries and on YouTube.  

MTC has provided useful material and interaction with a variety of students and professors that I look forward to in each class. Midlands Technical College has helped me prove that everyone can be independent and prosperous."

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