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Ashton June

MTC was the perfect place for Ashton June to change careers.

"I started college at the University of South Carolina with the intention of earning a degree in engineering. I quickly realized that photography was what I wanted to study. I had trouble communicating with my advisor and getting on the right path academically. I felt discouraged, so I left USC and went to work at a camera shop. I enjoyed my eleven year career in photography, but I didn’t love retail hours or corporate downsizing.

I knew I needed a career change, and it would require returning to college. For me, Midlands Technical College was the perfect place. 

"MTC was convenient, affordable, and was in touch with what local companies were looking for in an employee."

They had a lot to offer and guidance for what I wanted to do with my career. I never considered going anywhere other than MTC. I thought I wanted to pursue IT after seeing my spouse work in that field, but I just wasn’t sure – until my Java 101 class the first semester at MTC. I truly enjoyed it. I always felt encouraged and comfortable at MTC as I was earning my degree. If there is anything you want, you can get it at Midlands Technical College. I’m now in my third year programming for the South Carolina Department of Revenue, and I love it."

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