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Annie Dillard

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On the Beltline Campus at Midlands Technical College, there’s a reminder that you're never too old to learn something new. Annie Dillard was a spry 89 years old when she started taking classes at MTC.

“I wanted to know more about what was going on,” said Dillard.

Semester after semester, Annie Dillard  kept taking classes at Midlands Technical College. Her teachers did the math and discovered their prized pupil had earned enough credits to get her degree. They hid a camera and surprised Annie with the news. 

“When we sign this form, you're going to be an MTC alumni,” advisor Alice Davis told Annie Dillard.

At 92 years old, Annie Dillard walked across the stage as part of the class of 2018. In doing so, she break a record; becoming the oldest graduate in MTC history. 

Dr. Rhames and Annie Dillard“Well I was the oldest one there, in school really.”

With age comes wisdom and a life where Dillard learned to never take getting an education for granted. She grew up in the Newberry County town of Prosperity.

“I remember I had to walk seven miles one way to school, and I was never late.”

Annie Dillard graduated from Allen University in 1967. She went on to beauty school, and Ms. Dillard is still working as a beautician today.

“I said we have been blessed, and we are still being blessed.”

A journey of lifelong learning that  brought Annie to Midlands Technical College.

“It's a wonderful place to attend, and you will meet a lot of people, and they are concerned about you. I enjoyed it so much I signed up to come back.”

Annie Dillard is already registered for summer school. Whether 19 or 90, you really can get anywhere from Midlands College.

“You really can. You really can,” said Dillard.

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