Schools Week: Spring 2022

February 7 - 11

Showcasing Pathways to Success

  • Monday: Opening Day
  • Tuesday: Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Wednesday: Education and Public Service
  • Thursday: English and Humanities
  • Friday: Interdisciplinary Studies

Monday, February 7

Opening Day

We welcome you to Schools Week at Midlands Technical College with words from faculty and staff from around the college.

Let's get it started!

Tuesday, February 8

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

A showcase of career pathways in Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

Tuesday Events

Wednesday, February 9

School of Education and Public Service

A showcase of career pathways in Criminal Justice, Teaching, Paralegal, Career Development, and Human Services.

Wednesday's Events

Thursday, February 10

School of English and Humanities

A showcase of career pathways in Art, English, History, Writing, Photography, Videography, and more.

Thursday's Events

Friday, February 11

School of Interdisciplinary Studies

A showcase of how the college can customize a pathway for highly motivated students.

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