About the Program

Students planning a teaching career can begin their degree at Midlands Technical College, then transfer to a four-year school and complete the State Department of Education's requirements for teacher certification. Future teachers will enroll in either the Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree programs. 

Students who plan to teach on the high school level should generally plan to earn a bachelor's degree, majoring in the field they wish to teach, followed by a master's degree that leads to teacher certification. However, as you plan your coursework at Midlands Technical College, it is advised that you contact the College of Education at the school you intend to transfer to and the SC Department of Education regarding education courses and field experience needed for high school certification.

What is a “transfer agreement?”

In general, a transfer agreement lists courses you can take at Midlands Technical College that are both appropriate and accepted by the institution where you plan to transfer to finish your bachelor's degree. Every college decides independently which courses it will accept and how those courses fit their degree requirements. Students are always encouraged to check with the receiving institution about the appropriateness of courses taken at MTC.

Programs at USC

USC offers the following programs for aspiring teachers:

Programs at other schools

Other 4-year programs for aspiring teachers are available at:


The Call Me MISTER project seeks to recruit, train, and assist in the certification of African American males who are interested in becoming elementary school teachers in South Carolina’s public schools. 
Learn more about Call Me MISTER

Background Checks

Please be aware that ALL students who plan to teach, work in schools, or participate in mandatory field experiences associated with coursework must pass a SLED background check first. If you have any doubt about your ability to pass a SLED background check, please contact us before pursuing a teaching degree:

AA or AS Transfer Programs:
Kari Beaty
(803) 822-3445

Early Care and Education Programs:
Sandra Hackley
(803) 822-3592

Admission into USC's Professional Program

The Professional Program of USC's College of Education consists of coursework for teacher certification and student teaching usually concentrated in the junior and senior years. Simply transferring to the College of Education does not guarantee that you will be enrolled in the college's Professional Program. Since 60 semester hours are required before you can apply for admission into the Professional Program, additional coursework may be necessary. Upon completing 60 credit hours, the candidate must meet or complete the following:

  • Pass all three sections (Reading, Writing, and Mathematics) of the PRAXIS I (PPST).
  • Achieve a GPA of 2.50 or higher.
  • Achieve a GPA of 3.0 or higher on all education courses, with no grade lower than a C on any course or field experience.
  • Achieve a grade of C or better in all other course work as specified by the program area.
  • Successfully complete the criminal background check required by the College of Education.
  • Provide a written endorsement from a College of Education faculty member.
  • Provide a written endorsement from an educator outside the university who has worked with the candidate in a practicum setting.
  • Undergo a successful review of the professional portfolio.

Other colleges have similar requirements for entering the professional coursework associated with a degree leading to certification. Please contact the institution where you plan to transfer to learn their requirements.